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Bride Adorned
October 2004
Released: 2004, Mastervox
Rating: 4.2/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

When talking about symphonic metal or progressive symphonic metal or neo-classical epic metal ... or whatever, I don’t go cutting my wrists. The whole genre of “symphonic metal” is actually quite worn-out these days, being eaten from inside to outside for quite some time. But every now and then something interesting comes along and in my opinion Finland’s symphonic metal masters Bride Adorned’s debut full-length album titled BLESSED STILLNESS? has been blessed by an extra truckload of exciting and fascinating musical elements. Those elements raise this particular release up to the forefront of the above-mentioned genre(s).

I became familiar with Bride Adorned for the first time when I heard the band’s 2000 demo entitled THE GREY EMINENCE. Bride Adorned’s sound has been said to contain certain components of Rhapsody, Therion and even Yngwie Malmsteen and the more carefully you listen to them, the more you can actually hear those comparisons. Probably the Italian symphonic Power Metal ´messiahs´ Rhapsody could be considered as the nearest comparison to Bride Adorned because of their strong use of choirs (there’s LOTS of them on this release) and the progressive elements in their sound. Bride Adorned has a damn impressive sense for creating strong musical arrangements and prove to be true masters at creating pompous atmospheres. They dive for this big and massive sound, which has this strange tendency to sound ... sincere, even devout? Don’t worry though, this isn’t Christian metal.

Songs like the extremely harmonious and beautiful “Nexus Divina” and the Malmsteen–inspired “Otherwordly” with its strong choirs, atmospheres and varied tempos, show clearly what high-quality symphonic and progressive metal these guys make. I bet with this high caliber stuff we can only expect great things for Bride Adorned in the future. I would be fool if I lied to you about this.
Track Listing

01. Killing Frost
02. Blessed Stillness?
03. Bridewell
04. Nexus Divina
05. Otherworldly
06. Through The Haze
07. From Last Haven
08. Reminiscences & Premonitions
09. Ivory Towers Fall
10. The Grey Eminence


Tuomas Nieminen – Vocals
Panu Kiskola – Guitar
Mikko Mustonen - Guitar
Tapio Kuosma – Keyboards
Jukka Hoffrén - Bass
Teemu Laitinen – Drums

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