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Broken Mirrors
The Universal Disease
February 2012
Released: 2012, Brennus Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Like the trend never died, France’s Broken Mirrors play ripping melodic death metal filled to the brim with catchy riffs, harsh, but understandable vocals, fluid guitar solos, and twinkling keyboard atmosphere. Sound familiar? Well, full points to you if you thought I just described the early Children of Bodom albums, as it’s clear that these lads are fans of those crazy Finns. Seriously, THE UNIVERSAL DISEASE belies the fact that this band was only formed in 2007 – they’ve been busy though, with 2 previous EPs and a full-length.

I know that the COB comparison is a bit heavy handed, but just take one listen to any of the tracks on this album and you’ll think you’re listening to a lost HATEBREEDER song, one with far less intrusive keyboards. That said, there are some damn good songs here, as highlights like “Heaven Can Wait” will easily stick to your ribs and memory banks. Then again, if you have the deluxe edition, you’ll have to simply ignore the band’s cover of “Beat It”, which really serves no purpose.

If I can make two criticisms of this band, it would be these: most of these songs are a bit too long and, the band could use some additional wildness, much like COB. Several of these songs just sounds too controlled with no sense of danger. That said, this album is an effective slice of melodic death metal and fans of the style should definitely check in with Broken Mirrors.
Track Listing

1. Strong Enough
2. A Thousand Voices
3. Pig Marmelade
4. Heaven Can Wait
5. Holding the Triggers
6. Aquarius
7. Anthropophobia
8. Erotic Thirst
9. Over Driven
10. Heart Sick
11. Nightmare in Mind (Part 1)
12. Nightmare in Mind (Part 2)
13. Inner Enemy
14. Beat It


Francois: Vocals, Guitar
Florian: Guitar
Guillaume: Bass
Vann: Keyboards
Julien: Drums

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