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Broken Clown
"Buy Guns, Eat Meat, Wear Fur"
July 2000
Released: 2000, independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

What a silly name for a cd... When I heard the title I though who in their right mind would name their cd Buy Guns Eat Meat Wear Fur? Well only Broken Clown would. What I realized is that these guys are just don’t take themselves too seriously. I mean with song titles like "Truckstop Romeo" and "F. J. Gallagher Will Have His Revenge On Bangor International Airport" they keep the music very lighthearted and fun. I had my misgivings when I first picked up the CD but I popped it on and was kinda surprised. The sound is typical fuzzed out stoner fare in the vein of Kyuss but the music reminded me of a punkier Stone Temple Pilots with a little Kerbdog thrown in. Broken Clown consists of Mark Belanger - guitar/vocals, Jarrod Tinkham - guitar/vocals, Shane Kinney - drums and Ed Porter - bass and hail from that hotbed of metal, Portland, Maine.

"F. J. Gallagher Will Have His Revenge On Bangor International Airport" opens up the disc with an upbeat punky sound that reminds me big time of the Stone Temple Pilots. "Truckstop Romeo" is up next with its description of what happens to those women who get attention anyway they can. "It's only DNA running down your leg, No consequence to face, It's only DNA" Kinda descriptive but an interesting song nonetheless. "Three Images" is a slow paced, wah pedal filled, Black Sabbath influenced plodder. The CD closes out with the 9 minute plus track "1+1=Kill". At times this track slips into Korn country. If this track was half the length it would be much better. As is it just drones on for way too long..

Broken Clown prides itself on it’s live show and I am sure that they put on a good one. From their own bio this is just a clip of what to expect when they play live. "Utilizing questionable stage props such as bubble machines and sexually-operational inflatable every way, we make it fun." Different to say the least. The music on the cd, however, is not as original as their stage show. It is just basic fuzzed out rock played without the flair of a Kyuss or a sHEAVY. I know that Broken Clown spend a lot of time working on their live show. If they spent a little more time on their music they could make some waves in the stoner metal genre. Check them out at
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