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Brutal Mastication
Rage Uncontrolled
March 2004
Released: 2002, Hook N Mouth Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

I’ve had the pleasure of receiving just about the entire Hook n’ Mouth Records releases over the last six months or so, and I must say that just about all of them have been quality releases. Brutal Mastication (Brutal Chewing? What the hell is that? Do you dislocate your jaw because you bite so hard?) is no different. The band has been around since the early 1990’s (don’t quote me on that – info on these guys is extremely hard to find) and have one prior release under their belts, the half-studio, half-live UNDERGROUND. Having never heard that disc, I came into this album basically blind, but the band’s moniker and song titles leave little doubt as to the music contained on their latest slice of plastic: crushing death metal!

Relentless from beginning to end, RAGE UNCONTROLLED nothing more than 40:39 of unharnessed death metal played by a veteran band that knows how to do it right. Comparisons to all of the usual American death metal suspects are of course possible, but what’s the point? If you like this style of metal, then similarities are merely par for the course.

There are a couple of interesting notes to Brutal Mastication’s music though. The vocalist’s growl is actually understandable, which actually draws attention to the lyrics, a rarity in death metal. Of course, what the band is on about is nothing unusual, just your typical tales of violence mixed with the occasional hardcore-styled “DIY” stuff. The other thing is that the songs all sort of run into each other, making the album seem like one long death metal epic. Strange.

In the end, even though there is nothing to turn me off of Brutal Mastication’s music there’s nothing really happening that makes me remember it once it’s over. In fact, the music is almost too typical, putting it in danger of easily being passed over because it doesn’t stand out. That being said, RAGE UNCONTROLLED is still a very solid album, and one that should be of interest to all death metal fans.
Track Listing

1)Stand Strong
2)Blood on my Hands
4)In Blood
5)Killing Time
6)Rage Uncontrolled
7)Dripping Gash
9)Never Thought
11)S.W.A.F. (Sealed with a Fist)
12)Pure Hatred
13)Brutal Mastication



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