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Burning Inside
The Eve of the Entities
November 2000
Released: 1999, Still Dead Productions
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

I can’t believe this album came out last year…it surely doesn’t seem like it. There must have been a reason I held off buying this album for so long. That reason is now clear: it’s somewhat disappointing. If you’re like me, you took interest in this band for one main reason: Richard Christy, the spastic drummer who played with Death and Control Denied. Let me tell you, his drumming on The Eve…is just ridiculous. If you think he was nuts on The Sound of Perseverance, wait until you hear Burning Inside. He’s even crazier! His performance is very impressive to say the least. What disappoints me is the rest of the band. Knowing Richard’s playing style, I expected Burning Inside to play technical death metal. Although I love technical metal more than you can imagine, I had hoped for a Cryptopsy-type of chaotic, immense, furious wall-of-sound type of technical death metal. Instead we get a more classic early ‘90s Florida death metal like Monstrosity, Resurrection, Malevolent Creation, or Brutality. Nothing wrong with that though, as many of the early Florida death metal bands wrote some of the greatest death metal albums ever. The problem is that this album doesn’t measure up to the classics. It just seems like the guitarists in Burning Inside are holding back too much. They need to be more creative, innovative, and write more challenging riffs to accompany Richard’s manic drumming. At times Burning Inside sounds like a poor version of Death. And they could do well by throwing in lots of quirky and off-the-wall guitar leads like Nocturnus and Ripping Corpse used to do just to make things even more crazy. The vocals and lyrics also disappoint me. They both sound too typical. The production is pretty clear, and the drums sounds very natural, which is something I truly admire instead of that triggered bullshit. But the guitars could be heavier. And what’s with the repeated lyrics in the booklet? It always annoys me when there are typos in CD booklets. It makes you wonder if the product is rushed or if anyone really even gives a shit about the layout.

But you know, I have to admit it, after repeated listens I am appreciating this album more and more. What the hell, it’s technical and has great arrangements. I guess I was a little more pissed than I should have been since this album didn’t meet my expectations up front. It’s great to hear Florida death metal raging on, but these guys could really shatter the boundaries by pushing themselves to the next level of death metal.
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