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Boy Hits Car
May 2001
Released: 2000, Wind-Up Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Yet another band this month that treads dangerously close to mallcore (so much so that many would call them such), but doesn’t quite fall into that death-tag category. While not technically heavy metal either, the BHC does manage to crank out some pretty cool hard rock, main selling point being the total lack of rap vocals.

Actually, Cregg’s vocals are fairly cool, as he has a good actual singing voice, but he can also do the angry shout/growl thing too. He perfectly complements the band’s oft-used whisper-to-roar approach. As for the music itself, to my ears it’s just typical late 90’s style hard rock but with a more organic, native feel to it. For example check out the slightly tribal feel the drums carry part way through “As I Watch the Sun F!#k the Ocean” or the Indian feel of the guitars in parts of “Going To India” (the only song where the vocals tread near rap).

The lyrics are also a notch above the typical crap that more mainstream bands are peddling these days, going places were certain more popular bands wouldn’t touch. On the other hand, Some songs, like “A Letter from Prison” are fairly overwrought and pretentious.

I dunno, I kinda dig this band, but I can see where a lot of the Metal-Rules audience won’t be into them. If you’re going to Ozzfest (why bother??) I’d give these guys a listen, as they’ll be on the second stage.
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