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No Way Out
October 2009
Released: 2009, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Thrash metal from a land where the thermometer, typewriter and eyeglasses were invented, where the city of Naples gave a birth to pizza, where an average citizen consumes 25 kilograms of pasta a year, and that is hailed for piano.

Bothers, this 5-piece thrash metal act, hails from Macerata, Italy, and they have been around since 2003 with several different line-ups. Within 6 years of their existence, they have recorded only a couple of demos and a couple of self-financed albums of which their latest opus, NO WAY OUT, can be considered their 1st studio album (the band released a live album in 2006 on their own, titled LIVE MASSACRE).

NO WAY OUT offers nearly 46 minutes of 9 songs of straightforward and aggressive sounding old school thrash metal with some good riffs and somewhat unorthodox solo outbursts, which are enough really to meet some of our levels of minimum satisfaction, I think. Listening to the album, it is easy to say that the Bay Area´s thrash metal scene has played an important role for these Italian cherishers of everything aggressive and downright heavy. The influences of ´80s thrash metal are definitely there, popping up more than occasionally out from their songs, and they do not bring any surprises, or spices of their own to that known, familiar and largely accepted formula either. In fact, they even don´t have to, because they do a pretty decent and fine job with all those ingredients that they have got on NO WAY OUT. However, there´s no real, clear stand-out tracks on their debut either even if a song called "Psycho Bitch" undoubtedly stands out on its own for its amusing country music start (and the end as well). Matteo, who has decided to torture the microphone with his dry screaming and word spitting rather than trying to do some real singing style, is not necessarily the most suitable vocalist for their type of thrash that they do, but is still pretty tolerable with his vicious shrieking attacks after all.

Bothers deliver their goods in a decent way on their debut album, playing the style of thrash they love and adore straight from their hearts. And that should be enough, I guess. The album represents old school thrash with balls, even if recycled more than thousands of times before already. Does it matter that much after all? Nope, I do not think so. In spite of all, relatively good stuff here all in all.
Track Listing

01. Massacre
02. Stave to Soul
03. The Evil's Face
04. Hateful Revenge
05. Psycho Bitch
06. Disorder World
07. Kill for Insanity
08. Alone as Death
09. Last Day on Earth


Matteo Stronati - Vocals
Karim Venturini - Guitar & bass
Leonardo Cardinali - Guitar
Lorenzo Domici - Drums

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