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Albino Rhino
May 2016
Released: 2016, Ripple Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Much like their label mates in Red Wizard (check out the review of their album this month!), Michigan’s BoneHawk find themselves poised for elevated success after whetting collective appetites with a 7” recorded under the name Mesa and a limited run vinyl-only pressing of this very album which sold out within two months.

A sellout is always a good way to keep your label’s attention, and so the good folks at Ripple Music have re-released ALBINO RHINO on CD, digital, and another vinyl pressing. So what’s all the hubbub about? Simply put, BoneHawk play a cool, twin-lead version of Sabbatherian stoner metal that is equally as interested in rocking out as it is in wallowing in fuzzed-out grooves. Truth told, there isn’t much involved that you haven’t heard before, but there IS something earnest and just plain fun about BoneHawk’s music; it draws you in with leaden riffs before blasting out of the place with a pure catchy rocker like “Hot Mary” or the raging “Tonight We Ride”.

Not every song is as memorable as those, but for the most part, the album is peppered with great tunes that will stick with you. Heck, normally the thought of an 8-minute stoner instrumental will put me to sleep immediately, but BoneHawk manage to make the prospect work; the title track may not be the best cut on the album, but it has an absolute ear worm of a bass riff and enough interesting twists and turns to close out the album with style. That there is a sign of a band with some burgeoning song writing chops.

ALBINO RHINO is definitely worth the praise being leveled at it in stoner metal circles. BoneHawk have a cool, unique take on the genre and should definitely be of interest to fans. Get it before it’s gone!
Track Listing

1. Argenia
2. Sexy Beast
3. Hot Mary
4. Tonight We Ride
5. Warchild
6. Ulysses
7. Desert Run
8. Nomad
9. Going Over the High Side
10. Albino Rhino


Matt Helt: Vocals, Guitar
Chad Houts: Guitar
Taylor Wallace: Guitar
Jay Rylander: Drums



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