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Bruce Kulick
BK 3
January 2010
Released: 2010, Twenty 4 Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Former KISS lead guitarist Bruce Kulick returns with BK3; his third solo outing to date boasting a slickly produced 10 song CD with guest appearances by a star studded roster of contributing musicians including Gene Simmons and Eric Singer of KISS, Edguy frontman Tobias Sammett and former Bruce's former bandmates from Union Brent Fitz and John Corabi respectively.

BK3 begins with the upbeat hard rocker "Fate" that features Bruce on lead vocals. While Bruce's vocals probably aren't for everyone, his good ol' college try vocals are surprisingly decent enough for this song. "Ain't Gonna Die" features Gene Simmons on vocals, almost sounding like a previously unreleased leftover from the KISS "Carnival of Souls" album. Kind of a grungy hard rock track. Gene's son Nick Simmons helms the vocal duties on the modern rock radio friendly "Hand Of The King"

Next is the bluesy "I'll Survive" a track that really suits Bruce's deep vocals perfectly. The highlight of BK3 has got to be "I'm The Animal" featuring lead vocals by Edguys "Tobias Sammett" and the hard hitting drums of Eric Singer. This track could have been released in 1991 easily. Classic sounding hard rock.

All in all; this is a strong effort by Bruce. This probably won't appeal to the masses as Bruce is more of a guitarist's guitarist standing more on the AOR side of things for this release rather than trying to jump on any bandwagons or trends. A mature sounding hard rock album that is sure to please Bruce's considerably large pre-established fanbase.
Track Listing

1. Fate
2. No Friend Of Mine
3. Hand Of The King
4. I'll Survive
5. Dirty Girl
6. Final Mile
7. I'm The Animal
8. And I Know
9. Between The Lines
10. Life


Bruce Kulick - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Jimmy Haslip - Bass
Kenny Aronoff - Drums
Brent Fitz - Drums

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