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Brand New Sin
United State
March 2012
Released: 2011, Goomba Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Brand New Sin, well what a mixed bag. Many people may know these guys with out realising it if they have watch much in the way of wrestling or UFC as their music gets used for intro songs every so often. Judging by some of the tracks on this album I can see why, there's some good balls out and southern 70's inspired rock in there which they are good at. Sadly when they deviate from that is where they fall down.

Tracks like Travel Well, Lord Came Down, Know Yourself and Bed of Nails are the stand out tracks for good sounding rock, especially Know Yourself which has a crunch to the guitars which is very reminiscent of early Beautiful Creatures. Travels Well showcases the singers vocal tone and quality really well.

Sadly some of the other tracks sound like a totally different band or were done by different producers, the quality of the vocals differs drastically at times. Some of the fault also lies with the lyricist who at times sounds like he is fighting to find lyrics to fit the song. Your Song And Dance as well as What You Do For Money Honey being the biggest culprits. On a whole the music is mostly tight with the levels sounding great, its just the production on some of the tracks can be a little jarring

The first few tracks made me think this would be a really good album for rock fans, sadly it's just average. If they stick to what they know, heavy southern/70s rock, it would be better.

Review by: Neurie
Track Listing

1. The Lord Came Down
2. Know Yourself
3. All My Wheels
4. Rotten As Hell
5. Elbow Grease
6. Infamous
7. Groups Of 5
8. Your Song And Dance
9. Goddess of War
10. The Cup and The Lip
11. Bed of Nails
12. Travel Well
13. What Do You Do For Money Honey

CD Only Bonus Tracks
1. Glory Days
2. Sad Wings (Acoustic 2011)
3. The Wizard


Kris Wiechmann (Vocals/Guitar),
Chuck Kahl (Bass),
Kevin Dean (Drums),
Tommy Matkowski (lead guitar)

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