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Bro Jovi
Songs to Crush Beers To, Vol I
March 2012
Released: 2009, N/A
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

What can I say, if you want an alcohol fuelled, Jack Daniels tasting band who smell of fried chicken, then look no further to the supergroup “Bro Jovi” formed from members of “Abigail Williams” (Candlelight Records) “Aborted” (Century Media Records) and “System Divine” (Metal Blade Records)

Definitely a rare treat to see these four bands team up and create possibly one of the finest metal/southern rock/ hard rock acts so on the seen for a long time.

The album “Songs to Crush Beers to Vol I” was produced and recorded at Conquistador studios by Cole Martinez who worked with the three bands previously. The Artwork for the album, as well as layout duties, were handed to Avernus studios aka Mr Sven De Caluwe who designed the artwork for “Aborted” and “System Divine” previously. Now for the album.

A piece of art in its own right, opening with the down and dirty “Greased” showing the doom side of this album, before entering the fast lane with “Sanctuary of the Beast” wit the dirty southern groove behind it, definitely the best way to start this album off. And after that the band continue with “I am Eternal” before slightly slowing it down to a nice mellow groove with “Southern Fried Baby” but obviously its still as hard hitting the first three tracks, but a nice way to express their love for chicken, ha-ha!!

Now we get aggressive as the tracks to seem to quicken the pace, with a quaint opening with the brutal “Deer Hunter” then speed up with the pure aggressive “Scars and lies” just the opening line does it for me to be honest These motherfucking gloves are off!!! Love it. Quickly followed by the down and dirty “Dirt, Blood, Sex and Speed” expressing the love for the highway and all it offers the simple man looking for excitement! Hell Yeah!! But now is my favourite track on the album “Brothers in Arms” with the assistance of R. Neuhaus, this is a kicker from the start, really getting in the message that with your bro’s you can do anything… As long as you have them and a bottle of Jack!!!

“The Heist” offers a different feel to the album, slightly punkish and a bit more hardcore than the last songs, but still makes the album perfect as it gives you the image of a highway case on ROUTE 69 being chased by the fuzz!

“Hell on Earth” opens the doors with booze filled fury for the finale that is the bluesy song “The Drifter” with the sound of rain hitting guttering and an acoustic guitar played like it’s on the open road towards Nashville, a song fitting to end this brutal album.

All in all I give this album a 5/5. If you love your booze filled, dirty southern metal this is definitely the album you need to check out if you haven’t already whilst treating yourself to a cool glass of JD. Available on iTunes.

Review By: Wolf Shankland
Track Listing

1. Greased
2. Sanctuary of the Beast
3. I Am Eternal
4. Southern Fried Baby
5. Deer Hunter
6. Scars and Lies
7. Dirt, Blood, Sex and Speed
8. Brothers In Arms (ft R. Neuhaus)
9. The Heist
10. Hell on Earth
11. Drifter


Vocals: Rob Bro Jovi
Guitar: Michael Wilson
Guitar: Ken Sorceron
Bass: Orge Bro Jovi
Drums: Thomas Haywood Jr

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