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Burning Human
Resurrection Through Fire
September 2009
Released: 2009, E1 Entertainment
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Formed in 1995, but largely inactive until now, New York’s Burning Human are destined to be considered a Shadows Fall side project. Formed by said band’s drummer Jason Bittner, Burning Human has been put by the wayside as Shadows Fall’s popularity has skyrocketed. However, all that may change now that the band has found the time to work on and release their debut album, RESURRECTION THROUGH FIRE.

This album will surprise many fans of Jason’s main band, as the melody of Shadows Fall has been completely stripped away in favour of an all-out assault of death metal, New York style. The instant the first song “Tormented Mind” begins, it’s clear that Burning Human has their own sound and are not looking to ride anyone’s coattails. The vicious rhythmic attack is reminiscent of trailblazers like Suffocation and Incantation, bringing back fond memories of the days when NYDM briefly wore the death metal crown. However, if the first song was a stunner, it’s “As Good As Dead” that really knocks you on your ass with its fusion of NYDM and Bolt Thrower. The rolling panzer tank riffing is equally unstoppable and memorable and topped by some excellent, if brief solos by Sunkes and Murphy. It’s honestly one of the best death metal songs I’ve heard so far this year.

Unfortunately, the rest of the album rolls along in very similar fashion and none of the remaining songs stand out like the first two. I’m not saying it’s worthless though – it’s all good stuff but it is somewhat indistinguishable. One other notable song is “Mass Murder”, which boasts what is perhaps the most memorable riff of the album, but is only a minute and a half long! Great song, but feels like it was only getting started just as it ends.

Solid but unspectacular, RESURRECTION THROUGH FIRE is absolutely a worthy addition to the NYDM canon.
Track Listing

1) Throes of Dementia (Intro)
2) Tormented Mind
3) As Good As Dead
4) The Final Conception
5) Chemical Experimentation
6) Imminent Demise
7) Self-Inflicted Crucifixion
8) Mass Murder
9) Guilty of Insanity
10) Resurrection Through Fire


Jonah Radaelli: Vocals
J. Sunkes: Guitar
Jay VanDervoort: Bass/Vocals
Jason Bittner: Drums
James Murphy: Additional Solo Guitar

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