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Bruce Dickinson
Tyranny of Souls
August 2005
Released: 2005, Sanctuary
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: MetalGeorge

In this day and age where you can find Iron Maiden tees over at your local Mall, when “metal” has been invading our arenas and billboard charts (The Black Dahlia Murder selling 10,000 records? Come ON people, be a little more picky!!), the amount of interest in our little scene has increased tenfold over the past couple of years. So, during a year where we find Maiden themselves co-headlining Ozzfest (and blowing away Priest’s “reunion” while they’re at it), it would seem a great time to hear some new Bruce Dickinson material as well, right?

Damn right. While album opener, “Abduction” smacks a little “Killswitch-y”, if you know what I mean, A TYRANNY OF SOULS overall is another solid effort from the Air Raid Siren himself. Albums like THE CHEMICAL WEDDING and ACCIDENT OF BIRTH solidified Dickinson’s solo career as a force to be reckoned with, and TYRANNY follows in it’s footsteps, with the sorely underrated axeman/producer Roy Z. standing confidently at the helm.

While fellow Maiden man Adrian Smith is no longer aboard for the ride, there are still plenty of huge guitars here for both the casual and elder fan alike. There is also a moving, powerful ballad in the form of “Navigate the Seas of the Sun”, which truly places all of Bruce’s immense vocal talent on display, as well as the stellar guitar playing of Roy Z.

A TYRANNY OF SOULS straddles that fine line between commerciality (“Abduction”, despite the modern feel, is still a corker of a tune) and classic metal brilliance quite well, and can stand tall as another success for a man who’s name has become synonymous with the metal frontman archetype (Halford be damned!).

Has it always been this way? Certainly not, as many of us who can attest to “Skunkworks” atrociousness can vouch for; but this is all in the past. Like it or not, “metal” is cool again, and A TYRANNY OF SOULS is everything you want to hear Bruce doing in 2005, for better or worse.
Track Listing

1. Mars Abandon

2. Abduction

3. Soul Intruders

4. Kill Devil Hill

5. Navigate the Seas of the Sun

6. River of No Return

7. Power of the Sun

8. Devil on a Hog

9. Believil

10. A Tyranny of Souls



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