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April 2011
Released: 2011, Independent
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Bravura are a new band on the Metal scene. Originating out of Kitchener, Ont this group of 5 has just produced an album containing some of the best Metal you will hear. Already a top contender for this writer’s “Top of 2011” list. This is one killer debut, plain and simple.

I was first introduced to Bravura last summer through their demo disc. Since that time I have been waiting anxiously for the full album release. Finally it arrives and it hasn’t been far from my stereo since.

Kicking off with the debut single “Born In Prison” there is no turning back from here on in. This is the ultimate Metal song. It has everything you need from killer guitar to pounding drums and bass and some fantastic vocals. “Born In Prison” sets the tone for the majority of the disc but in a couple of instances the guitar is a bit over the top for us non-players. The only other issue with this release is the ‘Cookie Monster’ vocals that get occasionally on the disc. The use of this style of vocals ruin an otherwise good song. Apart from that the disc is filled with some amazing music and some of the best Metal you will hear.

One of the best debut disc’s to come out recently. Bravura is a band that is sure to please even the biggest Metalhead’s ears. These guys are damned good and this CD is just the beginning. Buy it and crank it the fuck up.
Track Listing

1. Born in Prison
2. Black Seed
3. Decaying world
4. Hangman's Snare
5. Same Old Story
6. Another Nail
7. Twice The Speed Of Time
8. Thunder Of Guns
9. We Are Not All Broken


Kaleb Duck
Jonah Kay
Justin Ferrari
Travis Mackinnon
Darren Venhuizen

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