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Born of Thorns
Born of Thorns
November 2004
Released: 2004, Oak Knoll
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: MetalGeorge

I must say this is a strong first showing from newbie Massachusetts label Oak Knoll. Every band I've heard from the label has been rockingly righteous, and Born of Thorns is no exception. In fact, I must say that this Finnish band stands as my particular favorite thus far from the Oak Knoll roster.

Strikingly melodic and mature, NEW HORIZON is a short three song offering that leads the listener wanting more. Each track is an elaborate exercise of progressive, flowing metal tunes that draw from both the death and black ends of the spectrum. Dual guitars strike quick and hard, delivering riffs that blend harmony and thrashing speed in beautiful unison.

Speaking of beautiful, opening track "Towards a New Horizon" displays stunning useage of clean vocals, both male and female. The male vocals a delivered in a majestic baritone, reminding me of Vintersorg of Norway, or of the mighty Trickster G of Arcturus/Ulver.

Rhytmically, things are spot on, and set the pace for a disc that never lets up. Comparisons to such Scandinavian acts as Dimmu Borgir and are bound to happen, especially due to the fact that Born of Thorns offer a strong keyboard presence in their sound. However, the synth lines here actually serve to further the song quite a bit, offering TASTEFUL solos (no Rhapsody bullshit here) and a dark atmosphere. They never overpower the guitars, either; every instruments has their time to shine, and the whole affair breathes quite well because of it.

Is what Born of Thorns doing original? Not in the slightest. Does it matter? Not at all, because I feel that to myself and many others, what Born of Thorns is doing is right up out collective alleys. This is melodic metal at it's best, and a stunning debut for such a new act. My bet is that any fan of this sort of style would love to add NEW HORIZON to their collection.

Finland has done it again, folks. Seek this one out.
Track Listing

1. Towards a New Horizon
2. Deviltress
3. Starnation's Loss


Tapio--guitars, vocals
Simo--guitars, vocals

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