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Barshasketh/Void Ritual
Barshasketh/Void Ritual Split
March 2015
Released: 2015, Broken Limbs Recordings
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

This release is only limited to 100 copies. It is one very rare split but one any keen Black Metal lover should seek out immediately – no hyperbole intended there. Two new bands, fresh from New Zealand, and the USA, have come together to give us the ultimate split in current day black metal. BARSHASKETH & VOID RITUAL is the cassette tape you need to own in order to know the scene is far from dead.

Opening up this fabulous piece of true evil put to music, New Zealand based group Barshasketh give us some stripped down raw black metal that has all things to please anyone who likes their metal cvlt. Things slow down slightly on second track ‘Dominion of Ashes’ but remain well with slightly subversive drumming and guitars that put in a good level of atmosphere.

And then we come to the band who have really saved USBM from its raw and war torn roots. Void Ritual offer what Skeletonwitch would sound like, had they blackened their death metal elements more and lessened the NWOBHM riffs in their excellent tunes. Void Ritual have really taken a wide range of influence from across the spectrum because there is a breakdown similar to Suffocation and brutality to rival Behemoth and Satyricon’s latter days.

It’s a shame Void Ritual are a one man group as I’d love to see them live. Want something that will heighten your spirits when feeling slightly deluded with the black metal scene today, look no further than Barshasketh and Void Ritual. But be quick as I can see this cassette selling like a cvlt hot cake emblackened with soot.

Review by Demitri Levantis
Track Listing

1. Barshasketh – Palingenesis
2. Barshasketh – Dominion of Ashes
3. Void Ritual – Heaven’s Gate
4. Void Ritual – Benevolent Mother
5. Void Ritual – Temple of the Sun


Krigeist – Guitars, Bass, Vocals
GM – Guitar
BH – Drums
BB – Bass

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