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Bonded By Blood
Extinguish the Weak
October 2007
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Thrash metal from Pomona, California. This fivesome under Bonded by Blood´s moniker (take a wild guess where the name comes from, he!) got just signed to Earache Records; the label that has started to believe in the power of thrash metal lately (Municipal Waste, Evile, etc.). It´s of course good to see labels´ interest toward thrash metal again, but then again, is every label signing these bands only because of the hype of it, or do they seriously see a potential act, worth a recording contract? Whatever the answers are, I´ll leave this thought up in the air for everyone to think over. Everyone can be a judge, so be one whenever some fundamentals are questioned whether things are happening due to a certain hype or in the name of true talent.

Anyway, nothing can change the fact this Californian Bonded by Blood are pretty good at what they do. The band reeks of fine thrash metal in the same way as so many bands from the ´80s era did back in the day. "Feed the Beast" sounds more of Exodus than Exodus manage to sound from themselves nowadays, which is some sort of an achievement in itself, I suppose. The riffs are good, the singer is good (who actually has something in his voice that reminds of Steve "Zetro" Souza in a somewhat peculiar way), the songs are overall thoroughly good, but I´m sure all this doesn´t tell you much, does it? I don´t think so either. Somehow I got a feeling the band has some sort of a ´safe mode´ on because it all sounds too familiar. It doesn´t make you run around screaming like you felt your fragile ass has just been hurt severely by the strength of music, which is what all ´nearly-larger-than-life´ musical experiences should do to you - at least partly, right?. On EXTINGUISH THE WEAK Bonded by Blood cannot convince me personally enough just yet as they would have if they had entered with a big BANG! - and simply slay me by their all-mangling power of well-made thrash. Don´t read me wrong, though. Like I already said earlier, they are good, and I like them myself a little bit, too. However, this time being good at something just isn´t enough. And believe me, I don´t mean to be narcissistic or anything by saying this, but the fact still remains the same. Bonded by Blood will have a lot to prove about themselves if they want to reach the same ass kicking level like, let´s say, their own label mates Evile did on their excellent debut album for Earache, for example. I sincerely hope they will do just that on their debut (scheduled to be released in early 2008) and show their hard-boiled balls to the whole world they truly were worth this deal. They have no other choice left, but just do that because otherwise no one remembers them if their debut album will turn out to be only ´so-so´ without any further sparks of excitement. It´s an over-used cliche to say, but time will naturally tell...
Track Listing

01. Asphyxiation
02. Immortal Life
03. The Evil within
04. Taste the Destruction
05. Feed the Beast
06. Bonus Track


Aladdin - Vocals
Alex Lee - Guitar
Juan Boogie - Guitar
RuDo - Bass
Carlos Cervesa - Drums

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