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Metus Mortis
December 2001
Released: 2001, Metal Blade
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: Mosquito

In Latin:

metus : fear, dread, anxiety

mortis : death

I guess it's safe to assume that the album title roughly means the fear of death (though there are some other guesses), but I'm no latin expert.

This is Brainstorm's latest offering to the metal throne. Sadly, somehow I managed not to hear them until recently when my friend from played them on his show. I was lucky enough to find Metus Mortis at my local record store, and at first I had decided it was wasn't too great and was kind of upset at the let down. However, I decided to give it another shot and was blown away by it this time around. This album rocks hard and the double bass chokes you and won't let go of your neck until it's all over with.

Like Power Metal? Sick of dragons, castles, and maids in distress? This is your antidote. These guys have done a great job at staying away from normal power metal subjects and have decided to do something different. The music itself is pretty standard as far as power metal goes though. Don't get me wrong, this stuff is still awesome, but it's nothing new.

The vocalist, Andy Franck, is really great. He doesn't hit high notes and he doesn't have to, and that does make these guys a bit different. It seems like most power vocalists have some sort of obsession with breaking glass with their voice. At one point, he even does some growling vocals which is really awesome.

If you're into power metal at all and prefer a more dark melodic side, this might be your cup of tea. I really enjoy it, and hope that it will just get better with each listen. I'd also like to add that the artwork on the cover is really cool too.

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