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Brent Doerner`s Decibel
November 2006
Released: 2006, indie
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

A refreshing dose of hard rocking music for the working man. Doerner and Company are making music for themselves and not for some "suit". With a triple guitar attack and a tune featuring "The Best Damn Zamboni driver/singer in Canada!" you know it’s not your average shit, it’s the real deal.

All the makings of a classic album are here, from the warm guitar tone to the groove set down by the rhythm section. This is a unique blend of Rock, Metal, Blues and Country pickin’ - all mixed together. Upbeat rockers like "Takin' the Color Outta Da Blooze" and "Body for You" prominently feature Brent's whiskey soaked vocals. His raw singing style is perfectly suited to this kind of down and dirty rock. It adds an edge, not touched up in the studio with modern technology. You actually feel the music here and the emotion that made it. This is clearly a disc made from (and for) the love of music.

The hard rocker "The Sum of 2 People" makes you just want to crank the hell out of the stereo after a long day at work, beer in hand. Can you say “passion?” The loose feel on the drums and bass leaves me with a Black Crowes feel. The guitar tone alone is worth the price of admission; it has that warm sound long lost in today's music world. The tongue and cheek "Stainless Steel Emotion" twists your ear, and the clean and distorted guitars mix well together make one truly great track. I particularly liked the “voodoo” lick, almost sounding like a pirate attack at times. The big surprise here is the overly catchy "Dancin' Frogs", which features Hilliard Walters on lead vocals – done up – old style. While different from the rest of the disc, it’s a feel good tune party tune. It has that old ballroom swing aspect to it but beefed up for the times. It is a true modern-day classic.

The previously mentioned "A Body for You" is a love song done Decibel style. “You’ve got a top hat style when you want INDEED.” It should have been called “I’d Hide a Body for You”. Sonically it is airy and roomy with a loose drum feel and unique fills. The groove is just perfect for this track and creates a memorable melody with some killer guitar work. Songs like "Breathe My Name" and "Never Turn Yer Back" are fantastic blues based rockers that have emotion, especially in the vocal department. Shane's vocal's on "Never Turn Yer Back" just grab you and reel you in with soul and meaning. Brent's twin brother, Brian (Saga/ex-Helix) makes an appearance on the disc and lays down his signature drum tracks on "Fire in the Bedroom". This song about a non-fatal attraction has a bit of the old Rockabilly vibe to it. The "70's Arena Rock" feel is present in "On Bended Knee" with it's big vocal's and Boston-esque guitar sound. A real power house track that will delight fans.

In a time when a lot of artists follow a set formula, Brent Doerner's Decibel delivers a unique collection of songs that with an excellent mix of different styles, perfectly combined into one distinct package.
Track Listing

1 The Sum of 2 People
2 A Body for You
3 Takin’ the Color Outta Da Blooze
4 On Bended Knee
5 Fire in the Bedroom
6 Never Turn Yer Back
7 Breathe my Name
8 Stainless Steel Emotion
9 Dancin’ Frogs (The Zamboni Song)


Chick Schumilas - guitars/ vocals
Shane Schedler - guitars/ vocals
Dan Laurin - drums/ percussion/ vocals
Brent Doerner - guitars/ vocals/bass

Additional musicians:
Hilliard Walter – lead vocals on “Dancin’ Frogs”
Mike Benedictine – bass on “A Body for You” and “Never Turn Yer Back”
Brian Doerner – drums on “Fire in the Bedroom”
Kaleb Duck – lead guitar on Run, Run
Kim Poser – assorted drums/ percussion and jiblicking

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