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Burn Guitars
January 2001
Released: 2000, Independant
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Upon first inspection, I wondered what the hell kind of name is “Burn Guitars” for a band. But then looking at the personnel I realized none of them play guitar! That’s right, just vocals, drums, and three bass guitars. Ahhhh, I get it now. But I still think the name stinks. So how can a band be considered metal if there aren’t any guitars?! “Guitars” and “Metal” are synonymous terms, right? Well, pretty much so, anyhow. And it is evident on this demo, for its lack of guitars makes Burn Guitars unclassifiable as metal. The heaviness just isn’t here. Sure, this demo has a really heavy bass presence, but it’s all clean bass, with no distortion. Sometimes they’ll speed things up a bit, and get a little “aggressive”, but really nowhere near what you would normally expect on a metal album. Ok, so I’ve made my point that this disc is not metal. So what? Not everything I listen to is metal anyways. So besides the fact that Burn Guitars is a non-metal outfit, they really don’t present anything out of the ordinary that would entice the listener to keep the disc in their CD player. It surely doesn’t sound like there are three bass guitarists playing simultaneously on this recording. In fact sometimes it sounds like just one. I would expect that with three bass guitarists, you would have to write some pretty challenging music to not only grab the attention of the listener, but to also accent the fact that there are three bass guitarists. Otherwise the songs are simply boring. Even the addition of guitars wouldn’t help because the songs are too simple. The vocalist has a good voice, but I question his style, and for that matter, the lyrics. But at least this demo has an incredible sound. Yes, I believe it is possible to write challenging, interesting, and heavy (and metal) songs without guitars (i.e., Dan Swano’s Karaboudjan project), but Burn Guitars just hasn’t done this. Care to judge for yourself? Click on this:
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