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Bombs of Hades
October 2013
Released: 2013, Blood Harvest
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The first EP released by Swedish Death Metal Crusties back in 2008 is being re-issued by Blood Harvest Records for fans who are curious to listen to the band's earlier incarnation. The first thing that will be immediately noticed about this five song EP is that the band's more Death Metal side reigned over their Crust and Hardcore influences, which are still present, but not as obvious as in later releases. The production here pretty much follows the Sunlight Studios-like approach common to classic Swedish Death Metal bands like Entombed, Carnage and Dismember, which suits the music very well.

The EP begins with a brief piano piece that precedes "Necronomicus Kanth (The Hounds of Hell)", and as the piano piece ends, the band comes crashing in with some melodic guitar lines in the vein of classic Swedish Death Metal bands. The song is very short, and leads immediately into "Twisted Decay", a number that will remind many fans of Entombed and Dismember's faster moments. During the mid section of the song, however, the band use the Crust Punk-meets-Death Metal approach they were later known for just before going into the guitar solo where the Death Metal influence comes back in full.

The next two songs, "Slaughter the dead" and "Disrespect Their Bones", both begin with slower, more melodic Death Metal parts that build up into faster sections where the band's Crust Punk influences pop up. The melodies and Death Metal elements of EP closer "Coffin" may remind some again of bands like Asphyx, as the band starts off fast then slows down to a crawl during the middle of the song.

This release is recommended for Bombs of Hades fans as well as Death Metal fans. The people who appreciate the band's Swedish Hardcore and Crust Punk influences may also enjoy this release, although it is, as stated above, more within the realm of classic Death Metal. Overrall, there's something for everyone here, and despite its short running time which leaves listeners wanting for more, the EP is still an enjoyable listen.

Review by Titus Isaac López
Track Listing

1. Necronomicus Kanth (The Hounds of Hell)
2. Twisted Decay
3. Slaughter the dead
4. Disrespect Their Bones
5. Coffin


Butch Ekman Bass
Magnus Forsberg Drums
P-O "Wolfie" Söderback Guitars
Jonas Stålhammar Guitars, Vocals

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