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Burial Hordes
Devotion to Unholy Creed
March 2009
Released: 2008, Pulverised Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Greece has always had some tradition for some obscure and mystical sounding black metal bands over the years - and in fact, and the more one digs into those unexplored and untouched soils to find new interesting discoveries from that country, the more one is also able to find all these new, more obscure bands for his/her listening pleasure.

Burial Hordes, this relatively experienced evil beast under the vast sky of Greece's full moon, could actually be one of those bands. I mean, if a downright raw, sinister, harsh and a bit punk-ish black metal is just your cup of tea (Finland´s Horna is the closest band that comes to my mind in comparison to them).

On the band´s 2nd output, DEVOTION TO UNHOLY CREED, our hateful Greek foursome spits so much venom and black blood around the holy ground with such a rapid speed, that not even the most sincere and pure prayers are capable of saving anyone´s soul. Once you let the lethal injection of Burial Hordes' exclusively made elixirs of all things filthy and unholy pierce you, you are bubbling with the powers of evil, and your mind is filled with all kinds of blasphemous thoughts. And, yes, I love using silly metaphors to describe what kind of effect Burial Hordes´ new album had on me.

But yeah, DEVOTION TO UNHOLY CREED is one of those albums that either grabs your attention right away, or it does not. In my case it worked, and I bet it will also get quite a lot of attention among the black metal community anyway at least.

All miserable Christian sheep, attention! Stay away from this unholy legion! They´ll eat you for breakfast…!
Track Listing

01. Praise the Bloodcode of Hatred
02. Devotion of Unholy Creed
03. Infernal Necromancers
04. Hellborn
05. Gods Cutthroat
06. Abysmal Goatfeast
07. Splendid Destruction
08. Stench of Immortal Doom


Cthonos - Vocals
Necrotormentor - Guitar and bass
Psychaos - Guitar and bass
impaler - Drums

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