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October 2010
Released: 2010, Wannabe Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

One of the greatest artists to have come onto the music scene in the past few years. While Bobnoxious is relatively new, singer/main-man Bobnoxious (Bob Reid) is not. Bob replaced original singer Sheepdog in Razor back in ’89 then he went on to form S.F.H. COCKTALES is the 4th album from Bobnoxious and it is meant to be turned up...loud.

Bobnoxious albums never disappoint, and COCKTALES is no exception. From the moment I first heard them several years back I became a fan. With that in mind, COCKTALES is more of the same style energy charged music that we’ve come to know and enjoy on their previous trilogy (4 if you count the Xmas disc HO HO HO) of releases. For those that are unfamiliar with Bobnoxious music, the easiest comparison would be to Motorhead. There are instances where Bob sounds like Lemmy but not to the point of ripping him off. The music is borderline between Rock and Metal much like Motorhead. Also like Motorhead they have a signature sound that works so why change it? These 4 guys play straight ahead, bare bones heavy blues based Rock n Roll. There are no frill or flash here, just high quality music. One of the standout tracks on COKTALES is “Cease To Be” in which Bob gets a lending hand from the Lander sisters (Kittie) who are also from London, Ont.

COCKTALES is an excellent disc to put on the stereo, crank up and enjoy while having a few. It is a good time party album that needs volume. COCKTALES is guaranteed to quench your thirst!
Track Listing



Bobnoxious - Vocals, Guitar
Jeffy B - Guitar
Stan - Bass
Wylie - Drums

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