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Tales from Dirt Town
February 2008
Released: 2007, TVT Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Stomping around for several years now, West Virginia’s Bobaflex have been beset with as much pain as success. They’ve been on the Gigantour, headlined tours of their own, but also had $20,000 worth of equipment stolen, and played to empty houses. Being that members of the band are descended from the legendary Old West family, The McCoys, it’s not surprising that some of that old-school grit and hard work has stuck with the band and allowed them to persevere.

Branded somewhat unfairly as a “modern” metal band, the band has seemingly suffered from the bad connotations of their label. I am happy to report that, based on the band’s third effort TALES FROM DIRT TOWN, there is nothing “nu” about them. There’s nothing on here that will remind you of Megadeth, but there’s also no hints of less savoury elements like metalcore or mallcore. What I hear on this album’s 12 tracks is heavy rock music, tempered with a Southern flair that befits the band’s home state.

So, while Bobaflex aren’t the heaviest band on the planet, they are heavy enough, with catchy riffs to boot. The band also keeps an even keel vocally, thankfully avoiding the scream/sing approach so in vogue today, sticking with a gruff melodic growl the whole way through. While some songs, like the ballad “Satisfied”, go for a more melodic touch with “ooh ahh” backing vocals, this is mostly rough ‘n ready rock.

After three albums, Bobaflex obviously know what they’re doing and who they’re audience is – unfortunately most readers of MR are likely to avoid them. Still, in 2008 it’s actually refreshing to hear a straight ahead rock record, and TALES FROM DIRT TOWN delivers.
Track Listing

1) Sellout
2) Born Again
3) That Old Speed
4) Satisfied
5) Need a Drink
6) Savior
7) Be With You
8) I Still Believe
9) Goodbye
10) One Bad Day
11) Paranoid
12) Home



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