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Blut Aus Nord
April 2007
Released: 2006, Candlight Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Heliogabalus

Recently, monstrous conjoining and cross pollinations of atonality and minimalist discordance have breathed some life into the metal dronology sub-sub-genre. Unfortunately, for Blut Aus Nord, I wouldn’t categorize M.O.R.T. (Metamorphosis of Realistic Theories) into that assemblage of creative revitalization.

Sonically, we have EARTH 2 meets (a hint of) OBSCURA meets (old) Godflesh meets (any) Merzbow. In other words, nothing new…just a fusion. Keyboards and Bass provide the drone, while most of the other clatter is not distinguishable as any specific instrument. Vindsval’s vocals are buried deep in the mix…which begs the question why he recorded any at all (they are just audible enough, however, to ruin the surreal mood).

THE WORK WHICH TRANSFORMS GOD (2003) was a good, not great, record and M.O.R.T. follows its predecessor’s suit- It’s dark, suffocating, and arbitrary. It’s truly bleak is a world where Donnie Darko passes for Avant-garde art. The word “unwelcoming” comes to mind, as the minimalist compositions proceed in their uninterrupted eight chapters…and I mean that literally (creative track titles include: I, II, III, IV etc.). I suppose the point of all this is to construct a performative critique on both mainstream and “alternative” aesthetics. However, this isn’t Federico Fellini and one can’t help but laugh at how pretentious it all is. Conversely, I do have to give Blut Aus Nord some credit. It’s certainly thematic and experimental. But I just don’t feel the band has attained what they’re capable of. Here’s hoping for a more focused follow-up!

Bottom line: While not a terrible album, I recommend you save your money. Blut Aus Nord still has some maturing to do (see Agalloch: PALE FOLKLORE). While the record is good it is by no means earth shattering or terribly original for that matter. Tune into Earth, White House, Vidna Obmana, Lustmord, or even (old) Godflesh instead.
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W.D. Feld—Drums/Programming

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