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Bloody Terror
Diaboli Celeritate
January 2014
Released: 2014, Metal Scrap Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Russian/Ukrainians BLOODY TERROR have released their second album ‘Diaboli Celeritate’ via Russian label Metal Scrap Records.

Opener ‘Terror (Darkness Comes)’ smoothly begins ‘Diaboli Celeritate’ with slightly oriental sounding keys, which are accompanied by strings, however within 90 seconds BLOODY TERROR have unleashed their full on blackened vocals and blast beats, tearing into the album at full speed. Follow up ‘Devils Speed’ is just as full on, but with classic black metal tempo changes and breaks. The choral parts perfect this track.

‘Winter’s Sunset’ has a similar style to many of Cradle of Filth’s ballads, but I enjoyed with far more due to the lack of Mister Filth’s vocals. ‘Magic of the Moon’ didn’t stand out much for me, however ‘Revelation’ is probably my favourite on ‘Diaboli Celeritate’. Opening with galloping keyboards and powering through this track is where BLOODY TERROR demonstrate that they have their own sound and their influences are less obvious.

‘Life is a Dream’ verges into heavy metal territory and is ruined by the glam ‘spooky’ keyboards, however this could be a fun song live and hints that BLOODY TERRORS may have a sense of humour. ‘Eternal Life/Vampirism’ possesses a classic late nineties sound and doesn’t have some of the variety of earlier tracks, but that could be down to it being just over six minutes long.

This album closes with ‘Visions of Mortality’, which unusually for an album of this genre is less than four minutes long. It is the grittiest of the album and brings ‘Diaboli Celeritate’ to a grinding stop after BLOODY TERRORS have thrown all their remaining black metal energy into the finale.

‘Diaboli Celeritate’ is a thorough, well thought out album which maintained my attention throughout, however overall the sound is dated. Had this album been released in the late nineties it would have been up there with the best of Dimmu and contemporaries, but black metal has moved on in terms of complexity of sound. I don’t want to diminish the band’s efforts in creating a great album and one which fans of old school melodic black metal will really enjoy.

Victoria Fenbane
Track Listing

1. Terror (Darkness Comes)
2. Devils Spee
3. Winter's Sunset
4. Magic Of The Moon
5. Revelation
6. Life Is A Dream
7. Eternal Life/Vampirism
8. Visions Of Mortality


Mr. Styx - Vocals, Keyboards
Powersquad - Guitars, Drums
Brutal Baphomet - Bass

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