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Bloody Sign
Chaos Echoes
June 2010
Released: 2010, Blood Harvest Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

France, known for its crazy metal chicks and great historical events more than anything else really, has always had many good, worth-a-listen metal bands coming from their territories (Killers, Resistance, No Return, Massacra, Loudblast, Agressor, Mutilated, etc., to name just a few) – and death metallers Bloody Sign certainly gets the same blessing, to rightfully belong to the very same pile as well.

Bloody Sign plays kind of similar death metal style-wise where Immolation sucks their influences, nuances, etc. from. It´s dark, it´s murky, it´s downright heavy and it´s partly a little bit experimental death metal with pretty unusual time signatures that lift them up from the pile to its own advantage. Similarities to Immolation are definitely there – yes, but then again, Bloody Sign is still pretty damn far away from being a straight copycat from their NY-based death brothers.

On the band´s 3rd album, CHAOS ECHOES (on the Swedish label Blood Harvest), Bloody Sign is intended to keep things heavy, brutal and vicious, but it´s also good to notice that they have taken the time to write and add a few more complex and experimental parts into the songs of their latest full-length effort. Therefore the band is sufficiently capable of keeping things interesting and challenging on CHAOS ECHOES, not giving out that many self-explanatory solutions for listeners as far as the complexity of their song structures is concerned. A familiar 90s old-school vibe reigns as a strong part within their stuff too, which I find great – and when it´s all tangled around the band´s own will to put together their death metal package in a little bit more different way than normally, that´s when it starts get fascinating for most people, I guess. For example, there are 5 instrumental cuts (sort of preludes) on this record, all of them adding a certain positive feel about these fellows twists and willingness to bring their stuff a bit out of the regular norm. For example, “Voice from the Depths” is a 2-minute instrumental song - entirely played by bass, in which lots of echoes have been used, bringing in its special, tasty spice into wholeness.

With a crisp and heavy production that CHAOS ECHOES has also been blessed with, the death metal community should not miss this album. The old saying, “death metal with a difference” makes it truly all more than worthy on CHAOS ECHOES.
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Chord Temple
03. Down to Hell
04. For the Unknown
05. Voice from the Depths (bass interlude)
06. The Call
07. Primordial Sound
08. Symphony of Bones (drum interlude)
09. Words of Death
10. Khordê's Funerals (guitar interlude)
11. Tongues of Shadows
12. Outro


Hagend - Vocals and bass
Kalevi Uibo - Guitars
Ilmar Marti Uibo - Drums, percussions, spoken & backing vocals

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