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Chalice of Contempt
September 2014
Released: 2014, Pagan Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Poland’s vicious thrash brigade Bloodthirst have taken a very old school approach to their career. They’ve slowly built up momentum over the years by releasing demos, splits, and EPs, finally releasing their first full album eight years into their career in 2007. Since then the band has kept their head of steam going with another EP and album, culminating in this year’s CHALICE OF CONTEMPT.

Simply put, thrash fans will love this band. Bloodthirst plays a full-throttle brand of blackened thrash metal that does not take prisoners. First note to last, this album never lets of the assault as band leader Rambo capably handles both the slashing riffs and throat-shredding vocals, spitting his aggressive lyrics. Indeed, it must be tiring to be this musically unhinged all the time.

Fans of bands like Nocturnal Fear will find much to love in Bloodthirst’s music. In fact I’d say that of the blackened thrash hordes, Bloodthirst actually write some of the more memorable songs. However, my general complaint about this genre holds true for this album as well: after a while, all of the songs begin to sound the same. That said, Bloodthirst are damn good at what they do and if you’re in need, they will certainly deliver the beating you desire.
Track Listing

1. I Was the One Who Threw the First Stone
2. Yell of Devotion
3. No Way Out of Hell (Emptiness of Dying)
4. Break the Bounds of Flesh and Blood
5. Chalice of Contempt
6. Militant Nihilism
7. One With the Dark
8. Imaginary Reasons


Rambo: Vocals, Guitar
Hiszpan: Bass, Backing Vocals
MinT: Drums



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