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All Hyllest Til Satan
March 2009
Released: 2008, Agonia Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Munkwunk

Bloodsworn's ALL HYLLEST TIL SATAN is a wonderful example of what I don't like about old school satanic black metal. The debut release from this Norwegian band is roughly 32 minutes of droning vocals, constant symbol bashing, and ultra fast guitar riffing that rarely leads in to anything more than the occasional passable solo. If the listener is even able to make out the lyrics that are hidden beneath the static noise of the album they would be assaulted by some sort of pseudo-evil satanic drivel.

If you're into the sort of relentless, soul-crushing, black metal sound that Bloodsworn delivers, the band may have some appeal to you, but even if it's your style you may feel a bit let down by this release, since there isn't a lot to differentiate it from the crowd, nor is there much variation throughout the album as a whole. ALL HYLLEST TIL SATAN is recommended only to the most hardcore satanic black metallers out there, but even you folks won't regret passing over this release.
Track Listing

1. Frykt Djevelen 02:52
2. All Hyllest Till Satan 04:45
3. Stormens Roest 05:03
4. Helvetesferd 03:58
5. Satan Lord 04:40
6. Destruction In The Name Of Satan 04:26
7. The Dawn Of A New Millennium 06:12

Total playing time 31:56


Trond - vocals
Thomas - guitars
Trond - guitars
Drum Machine - drums

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