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All Hyllest til Satan
December 2008
Released: 2008, Agonia Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

As Bloodsworn´s bio states loud and clear, Bloodsworn was born out of the HFS Militia, and play pure satanic black metal. Originally ALL FYLLEST TIL SATAN ("All Hail Satan") was supposed to be released by the legendary Norwegian label Head Not Found in 1999, run by Mayhem´s Euronymous, but due to some financial problems of the label, the release of ALL FYLLEST... never happened. Another attempt at trying to release the album with another Norwegian label Flesh for Beast was also unsuccessful for the same reason.

Now almost 10 years later, ALL FYLLEST TIL SATAN gets released by a relatively known Polish underground label Agonia Records - specialized for more obscure underground black and death metal. Well, to be honest, there´s just a bit too much of this ´chaos and confusion´ element present on this album. The programmed drums don´t help this situation either, I´m afraid. In fact, they make it even worse, and I´m not happy about that either. Yes, this is as primitive and raw Norwegian black metal as it gets for my picky tastes, and obviously only made for a minor circle of kvlt and unholier-than-thou black metal fanatics to be enjoyed and adored. And yes, as it´s already easy to read between the lines, I am not one of them... I do love Darkthrone´s and Satyricon´s latest albums, but Bloodsworn didn´t even tempt me to pick up a match box and gas canister for myself, and run out to burn a couple of ancient churches to the ground in the name of no-matter-what. And that ain´t a good sign, I think.

This album is for the trOOest black metal purist only - with the word ´kvlt´ tattooed in their foreheads, sorry.
Track Listing

01. Frykt Djevelen
02. All Hyllest til Satan
03. Stormens Roest
04. Helvetesferd
05. Satan Lord
06. Destruction in the Name of Satan
07. The Dawn of a New Millenium


E. Satanale - Vocals and effects
Diabolus - Guitar
T.N. Guitar and bass
Aradia - Synths

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