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Breaking The Pyrmaid
February 2016
Released: 2015, n/a
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Is there’s one thing I’m quite sure about unsigned French band Bloodstorm- it’s that they love their metal, and they love their beer. This old school spirit translates itself, however, into a modern sounding sophomore here with ‘Breaking the Pyramid’, and if you can get past the tasteless looking cover art, there is a whole feast of flavours to be found across these eleven tracks.

Despite their self-description as a melodic death metal band, Bloodstorm traverse multiple sub-genres here as they deliver the death ‘n’ roll riffs of Carcass, the heroism of Children of Bodom and, unfortunately, the weak clean vocals of a second rate modern metal act. This later feature, although not appearing across the majority of tracks, does stain the otherwise respectable title track with a very amateurish stroke.

Fortunately, however, vocalist Rob is somewhat of a professional when it comes to his growl. Clear yet furiously bellowing, he charges through lyrics of conspiracy, politics and truth-seeking like a very different kind of bearded-messiah, whilst on ‘Here Comes the Bloodstorm’ he introduces a super-gruff, Southern style of singing, which much better maintains the integrity and pace of the track and its first rate riffs.

Guitarists Klin and Kev’s display a great command of melody, with their ostinatos and solos blending ferociously with the head banging-inducing drums. Whilst the generic digital production lends this band nothing in terms of energy, the musicians make up for it with their enthusiasm and conviction, making this one of the more animated metal albums to come out of the underground in 2015. Certainly promising second album.

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

1. Ignition
2. Breaking The Pyramid
3. Requiem
4. Here Comes The Bloodstorm
5. Terrorizer
6. Lawless
7. Metalhead's Paradise
8. It's Time To Die
9. Born Of Insight
10. Thus Cried The Phoenix
11. Revenge (Acoustic Version)


Klin : lead guitars
Kevin : rhythm guitars
Jeremy : drums
Rob : lead vocals
John : bass, backing vocals

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