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Religious Apocalypse
August 2014
Released: 2014, Comatose Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Religious Apocalypse is the fourth full length album released by BLOODSOAKED, the brainchild of Peter Hasselbrack. The record is not a collection of new material, but rather a compilation of new songs, live tracks and covers. The production on the songs recorded in the studio is crisp and captures the brutality of the band's brand of vicious, grinding Death Metal. The live material is actually even better, since the band sounds killer live, giving the impression as if the band were tearing it up in your living room.

The album kicks off with the material recorded in the studio, offering three brand new tracks of unrelenting, brutal Death Metal and two covers. Of the three brand new tracks, the title track is the best one: although the two preceding tracks are really good, the band slows down their tempos for "Religious Apocalypse", making one massive slab of old school Death Metal. BLOODSOAKED's version of CINDERELLA's "Shake Me" is well executed and, contrary to my initial reaction when I read that they included this cover, it actually fits in o.k. with the rest of the material here. Same goes with RATT's "You're In Love". Despite the difference in subject matter, and the fact that those songs will always come off as jokes when played by really aggressive bands like BLOODSOAKED, the execution is actually better than expected in my opinion.

The other half of the record is devoted to live versions of previously released material. As I mentioned earlier, BLOODSOAKED sounds killer on these live songs, and the brutality is even more evident. The guitar riffs in "No God" are enough to convince the listener of just how effective the band is live. "Grinding Your Guts" is another great slow song from the band, and here it sounds great. Overall, the four live tracks are pretty good and sound better than the studio tracks due to the fact that the aggressive elements that come into play in BLOODSOAKED's music are pushed to the forefront.

Titus Isaac
Track Listing

1. Devouring
2. Abomination
3. Religious Apocalypse
4. Shake Me (Cinderella Cover)
5. You’re in Love (Ratt Cover)
6. Suicide (Live)
7. No God (Live)
8. Infestation (Live)
9. Grinding Your Guts (Live)


Peter Hasselbrack - All Instruments

Live - ?

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