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FROST IMAGO (compilation demo)
June 2004
Released: 2004, Self-released
Rating: 4.3/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

I was handed over this 17-song CD-R, containing the Mexican deathsters Bloodsoaked, by a friend of mine (thanks Humberto... very much appreciated, man!) quite some time ago already, featuring the band´s 2-song 7” split-E.P. TERMINAL SICKNESS with Cacofonia, a full-length album titled FROgST IMAGE and another 7” E.P. called THE OMEN. The most important reason why I decided to review this thing even if it´s not an official release, was Bloodsoaked´s very surprisingly pleasing ability to sound like Rigor Mortis (or early Immolation), old Demigod (their demo era only in order to be more accurate with this!) and even occasionally Finland´s Abhorrence on some of their early songs (some of the grindy riffs are reminiscent of semi-legendary Abhorrence –times in a rather peculiar way for sure... Definitely!!). This shit on the CD-R is simply just too good to get buried into an eternal oblivion; on the contrary I think that Bloodsoaked´s stuff should be heard by as many old-school Death Metal fans as possible.

I haven´t got any detailed info about the line-up on these releases, but anyway, the only thing I know for sure is that my long-time friend Humberto Sanchez used to be a part of their early line-up. Cannot remember any longer whether he participated on any of these releases on this CD-R, so I´d better to enlighten a few ´tasty´ details about that thing we all should only care for in the first place: The music!

Firstly, Bloodsoaked´s 2 songs (“Terminal Sickness” and “Soul Eater” that are) on the split-E.P. with Cacofonia, sound almost like Immolation´s 3-song demo´88 added with a tad more advanced and technical vibe in it into vein of their ´89 demo. Where I actually paid attention to immediately, was a very familiar voice of the band´s growler who sounds exactly like a long-lost twin brother of Immolation´s Ross Dolan. And no kidding a bit, folks!! Blooksoaked´s growler, let´s just call him simply ´Mr. Ross Dolan Junior´, has seriously a really dark and deep Death Metal grunts on this split, nearly 100% the same kind of voice like Ross in Immolation has. If someone even told me it´s Ross who sings in the two songs on the E.P., I´d buy it right away without even hesitating a red second! Raw, brutal and heavy... yes, those could be ´the well-chosen quality words´ that I´d like to use shemelessly to describe Bloodsoaked´s sound in these two songs on TERMINAL SICKNESS E.P.

Up next I have got the band´s 12-song full-length album FROST IMAGE on the CD-R that has only been released as a cassette format and never as a CD as far as I know. On FROST IMAGE, the obvious Immolation –influences are strongly present again, of course, but only now being added with the type of influences what the Finnish Death Metal heroes Demigod used to do on their demos back in the day. The sound is also more polished on the cassette album compared to their split-E.P. with Cacofonia, but it is no means any less brutal or less heavy. The band manages to sound damn convincing and tight, mixing the early sounds of both Immolation and Demigod successfully together. Also, a few songs (“Frigid Presence” and “Sadness to Come” as examples) have got short synth parts in them as an extra element that bring and add more originality and variety for the songs even if I could enjoy more of them without those keyboard parts. The last song on FROST IMAGE, named “Missing the Light” differs rather drastically from the other songs on their full-length release, having even an ending played by piano. Bloodsoaked´s own tiny ´Death Metal ballad song´, probably? Nonetheless, all the songs on the band´s full-length release not only prove how a greatly potential and highly promising Mexican Death Metal band Bloodsoaked was, but also put many labels of the past times to a huge shame of ignorance for not picking them up when the band was churning out their sharpest, heaviest and most ripping Death Metal on their potentially noticeable ´death & metal´ path in order to become one of the leading forces out from the Mexican underground Death Metal scene (which they unfortunately never did!). Wish that would have happened to them as they certainly had deserved that more than many other Death Metal bands around at that time.

The last thing on this CD-R is their 3-song THE OMEN E.P. which is their weakest thing here in my opinion both music – and sound-wise as well. The band´s once so convincing growler neither even comes close to his vocal ´magical´ parts on their excellent TERMINAL SICKNESS E.P. or FROST IMAGE full-length release. These 3 songs on the E.P. all sound like they have suffered from a lack of ideas or these Mexican ´death dealers´ have tried to develop their sound even further, but unfortunately toward a totally wrong direction. Take for example the 2nd song on THE OMEN, “S.H.C.”, which doesn´t even sound that much like a Death Metal tune any longer, but more like Black Sabbath or something if you listen carefully to some of the riffs in it. Maybe this E.P. was even the main reason for all that what killed the band eventually ´coz it´s quite honestly a quite damn uninspiring stuff on this particular E.P. after all compared to everything what the guys were capable of creating on their previous releases musically before recording the songs for THE OMEN. Oh well, nothing lasts forever... or whatever, uh...!

However, despite the band´s relatively poor and weak moments on THE OMEN, I would love to see an official release for all of their stuff to happen one day. So, labels ATTENTION, please! Here´s your ultimate chance to knock off some old-school Death Metal fanatics on your side by gathering all this killer stuff together one more time and consider putting it out probably as a re-mixed and re-mastered thing. A next release on Necroharmonic Production maybe...?
Track Listing

01. Terminal Sickness
02. Soul Eater
03. Became Frost Image
04. Emptiness
05. Terminal Sickness
06. Soul Eater
07. Insensible (Drive Me)
08. Frigid Presence
09. Sadness to Come
10. Naked Flame
11. Confused Wire
12. Door Side to Nowhere
13. Abssesion
14. Missing the Light
15. Rising
16. S.H.C.
17. Buried Under My Skin


José Luis "Jeff" Rodriguez - Bass, vocals
Edward Rock - Guitar
Woltan - Session drums

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