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Brutally Butchered
September 2007
Released: 2006, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Heavily influenced by Suffocation, Exhumed and Deicide (not bad company to keep), North Carolina-based one-man death metal entity, Bloodsoaked, follows the path of carnage, destruction and brutality set forth by the aforementioned bands. Helmed by Peter Hasselbrack in true DIY form—Hasselbrack handles vocals, guitar, bass, drum programming and lyrics—BRUTALLY BUTCHERED is not cutting any new ground but is a solid half-hour of gory fodder nonetheless.

Immediately, “Killing You” sets the tone for what to expect from Bloodsoaked—guttural vocals, massive swaths of bludgeoning riffs and enough horrific lyrical material to clog an abattoir’s plumbing. “Brutally Butchered” is hyperspeed death metal in the vein of Exhumed. Hasselbrack goes full tilt with blastbeats swirling behind his open-throated growls. He isn’t afraid to throw in some headbanging grooves here and there, either, which is a wise move. Case in point is “Grinding Your Guts.” Tempos shift and skulls split with double-barreled intensity as things crawl along at a doom-y pace for a good chunk of the song.

Unfortunately, the programmed drums overpower everything else and are mixed way too high throughout BRUTALLY BUTCHERED. At times, the inhumanly-fast “kick drum” is like a jackhammer and is really quite distracting. Also, the bonus track “Devastation Death” is just plain awful. Whether it’s a demo or an older song, I can’t be sure but Hasselbrack’s vocals sound as if he is dry-heaving into a cardboard box rather than the punishing, old-school Chris Barnes tone he takes on everywhere else. Very strange.

For an indie release, BRUTALLY BUTCHERED isn’t too bad. You’ve heard it all before and Hasselbrack doesn’t hide his influences but considering the crap that some people try to pass of as a “band” these days, you could do a lot worse than Bloodsoaked. The songs are heavy and played tightly but are affected by an out-of-control drum machine that is too dominant and a sense of repetition. If Hasselbrack did some fine tuning, though, he could have something special on his hands.

KILLER KUTS: “Killing You,” “Brutally Butchered,” “Suffocating The Unborn,” “Grinding Your Guts”
Track Listing

1. Killing You
2. Sexual Mutilation
3. Covered In Blood
4. Brutally Butchered
5. Suffocating The Unborn
6. Self Mutilation
7. Grinding Your Guts
8. Bled To Death
9. Devastation Death (Bonus Track)


Peter Hasselbrack—Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Drum Programming

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