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Ravenous Consumption
January 2006
Released: 2005, Unmatched Brutality Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

This is Death Metal. I just thought you’d like to know.

But seriously, this is excellent, riff-heavy, slightly technical Brutal Death that I found myself liking more and more as the track order descended.

If you’re looking for easy comparisons, there aren’t that many; I would say that it compares favorably to early Suffocation. But them, the songs seem far more “together” than many of Suffocation’s meandering compositions tend to be. Don’t get me wrong—you won’t be getting choruses or gentle acoustic passages, either—but these songs still seem like songs to me. Only the slightly generic “Scavengers” really wanders off the course for very long; everything else is ruthlessly technical, but refreshingly short and direct.

Easily the demographic here is going to be the Death and Necrophagist-loving technical death fiends who are busy downloading Pestilence bootlegs right now.

The guitarwork is detailed and the riffs complex; the vocals are impassioned, and never inappropriate. “Strings Of Sorrow” is a precise-as-murder highlight; “Dying Breed” is a cavalcade of menacing riffage, and classic Death Metal abandon. However, the record seems to best come together later on, with more (anti)anthemic fair such as “Gouge Your Eyes Out,” and “Born Without A Soul.” Both of these are vintage genre vitriol, through and through.

The only word of reproach that I would offer concerns the drums, which sound a little tinny here and there. They aren’t terrible; but there are still plenty of thumps and rattles that should have been smashes and thunderclaps. The cover is also a bit…um…special. Let’s just say that it fails to convey the seriousness of the ass-whooping contained therein. Compared to other Unmatched Brutality artists (the masterful Ingurgitating Obliveon, and the cruel fury of Massmurder), this has a far more “independent” feel, reminiscent more of recent releases by Lust Of Decay and Domination Through Impurity.

Ultimately, this is excellent for a debut, especially of this style. It isn’t perfect, but this band shows clear potential to be massively aggressive force in playing field of Death. This won’t be for all tastes; but Brutal Death fans are implored to seek it out. It seems likely that you’ll hear their names again…
Track Listing

1. Conceived in Blasphemy
2. Scavengers
3. Strings of Salvation
4. Dying Breed
5. Skulldrug
6. Point of Origin
7. A Cataclysmic Blessing
8. Born Without a Soul
9. Gouge Your Eyes Out


Bobby Childers - Guitar
Charlie Hart - Guitar
Zach Notter - Bass
Josh Ross - Drums
Ricky Setzer - Vocals

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