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January 2015
Released: 2014, AFM Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It is good to see that some bands have some sense of consistency and tradition. For the sixth album in a row, Bloodbound’s devil/demon mascot dude makes an appearance on the album cover of STORMBORN. He is looking a little more muscular this time!

It appeared the early line-up and label instability has sorted itself out as the band return for album number six, their third on the esteemed AFM Records label and their third with vocal powerhouse, Patrik Johansson, but not the Patrik Johannsson of Astral Doors and Wuthering Heights. Same name, same country but different guy… and both killer singers.

Not much has changed for the Swedish band, no line-up changes and the band delivers another compact 45 minute long, 11-song album of pure blazing Power Metal. Lyrically, STORMBORN is a bit more serious, and a bit darker than previous albums with cuts like ‘Satanic Panic’, ‘We Raise The Dead’, ‘Seven Hells’, and ‘Nightmares From The Grave’. The albums starts with a bit of a creepy spoken word intro in which the vocal is mixed too far back making it hard to hear what the narrator is saying. The whole album has nudged slightly more towards Sabaton territory with big epic choruses with gang vocals and swashes of keyboards. There is even a children choir on the end of ‘Nightmares From The Grave’ which might seem a bit out of place, but it sounds awesome.

‘Made Of Metal’ is this albums ‘Metal anthem’, with a pounding beat and thunderous sing-along chorus. As a side note I had the very great pleasure of playing the world premier of the cut ‘Made Of Metal’ on my radio show. A highlight of the year for sure! The album has not a single weak song. Bloodbound easily sustain the energy and intensity across the whole album. The pace is pretty fast swaying between anthemic pounding and burst of glorious speed all laced with some happy riffs and flourishes of keyboards.

Bloodbound has always been a favourite of the staff here at and STORMBORN I expect will be no different. STORMBORN makes that six virtually flawless albums in a row, in a mere eight years, a pretty impressive feat. Time for a nice big Double Live album or DVD!
Track Listing

1. Bloodtale
2. Satanic Panic
3. Iron Throne
4. Nightmares from the Grave
5. Stormborn
6. We Raise the Dead
7. Made of Steel
8. Blood of My Blood
9. When the Kingdom Will Fall
10. Seven Hells
11. When All Lights Fail


Tomas Olsson Guitar
Fredrik Bergh Keyboards
Pelle Åkerlind Drums
Henrik Olsson Guitar
Patrik Johansson Vocals
Anders Broman Bass

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