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Blood Tsunami
Thrash Metal
July 2007
Released: 2007, Nocturnal Art Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

The land of black metal, Norway, has given birth to a vicious thrash machine! Yes, as if the presumptuous album title didn’t give it away, Blood Tsunami’s debut disc is an action-packed thrash affair looking to kick your ass. Though the band is relatively new (formed in 2004), they have instant pedigree, as former Emperor/Thorns drummer Faust is in the ranks.

Once inside the spectacular Ken Kelly-esque cover art, Blood Tsunami immediately crushes you with “Evil Unleashed” – a full on thrash attack that serves notice that they’re not messing around. As will become the norm throughout the album, the song sticks to a mostly mid-paced to fast speed, rarely revving the engines to full-speed ahead. That could easily get monotonous, but luckily Blood Tsunami learned a few things from the thrash masters of yesteryear and have filled THRASH METAL with some fine, catchy riffs. Hell, even the 10-minute instrumental, “Godbeater” is keeps my attention with one of the most engaging theme riffs on the album.

As required for thrash metal, the performances are spot-on, yet spontaneous enough to let you believe that things may fly off the rails at any moment. Even the veteran, Faust bashes the hell out of his drums in a suitably wild, drunken performance.

All in all, there isn’t much more to say. THRASH METAL lives up to its name, and proves that Blood Tsunami will be a name to watch in the coming years. Welcome aboard guys, may you conquer many a stage before you are done.
Track Listing

1) Evil Unleashed
2) Let Blood Rain
3) Rampage of Revenge
4) Infernal Final Carnage
5) Devoured By Flames
6) Torn Apart
7) Godbeater
8) Killing Spree


Peter Evil: Vocals, Guitar
Faust: Drums
Dor Amazon: Guitar
Bosse: Bass

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