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Blood Red Throne
Union Of Flesh And Machine
August 2016
Released: 2016, Candlelight
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Last year I had the pleasure of communicating with Daniel of Blood Red Throne. He sent me some albums and I did a bit of a review focus on him and his work back in December of 2015. At that time he told me he was already working on a new Blood Red Throne album and it is finally here!

Blood Red Throne is without a doubt Norway’s biggest and best Death Metal band. There have been a few changes in the BRT camp. Most noticeably, the band has moved from the small label Sevared to the much bigger and more well-known Candlelight Records. This is a good move for the band as Candlelight is the biggest label they have been on, although some might argue the Earache years were bigger. Either way, the bands 8th full-length studio album, UNION OF FLESH AND MACHINE will have much better distribution. The other change is the return of original drummer, Fred Bolso, who replaces Emil Wiksten. The 11 track album boasts some impressive artwork of a trio of mutant, fleshy-robot dudes in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

UNION OF FLESH AND MACHINE Brutal Death Metal is delivered at fierce tempo and high velocity. It is technical and proficient in terms of playing but not venturing into tech-Death range. I really enjoyed the creepy spoken word intro to the first single ‘Patriotic Hatred’; it really adds some atmosphere. The songs are standard length and construction for Death Metal, not too elaborate but have good crunch and great riffs like the main opening riff in ‘Homicidal Ecstasy’. The production is great and the vocals of ‘Bolt’ seem to be getter deeper and more guttural each album. He delivers dark lyrics, grim but not drenched in gore or graphic descriptions of killing but certainly morbid nonetheless.

To top off the festivities we get a killer cover of the old Priest tune ‘Leather Rebel’, a skull-crushing version to be sure. Relentless, brutal and heavy, Blood Red Throne have stayed true to the core of Death Metal and we did not expect any less.
Track Listing

1. Revocation of Humankind
2. Proselyte Virus
3. Patriotic Hatred
4. Homicidal Ecstacy
5. Martyrized
6. Union of Flesh and Machine
7. Legacy of Greed
8. Exposed Mutation
9. Primal Recoil
10. Leather Rebel
11. Mary Whispers of Death


Yngve Christiansen Vocals
Daniel Olaisen Guitars
Ivan Gujic Guitars
Ole Bent Madsen Bass
Freddy Bolsø Drums



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