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Blood Red Throne
Brutalitarian Regime
December 2015
Released: 2011, Sevared Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

In early 2016 Blood Red Throne will release their new album, UNION OF FLESH AND MACHINE. In anticipation of this exciting event I decided to go back to review the last couple of BRT albums as well as a few very cool side-projects of founder Daniel Olaisen; Big City, Cobolt 60 and Zerozonic. Enjoy all five album reviews in this mini-feature of the industrious and prolific Daniel Olaisen.

I had been a fan of Blood Red Throne for a while and for the first few albums the band had some pretty good distribution in North America so it was relatively easy to get their material. After a while a few of the album got increasingly hard to find. I was very pleased to learn that the band was coming to my hometown (a couple of years back) and I went to the gig and bought myself a hard copy of BRUTALITARIAN REGIME from the merch booth.

Blood Red Throne is essentially Norway’s biggest and best Death Metal act. I would suggest that most Metal fans would say Norway is best known for black Metal first then melodic Metal second and Death Metal and other genres coming in a distant third. That would be a mistake to ignore a band like Blood Red Throne. BRUTALITARIN REGIME is the bands sixth studio album and it came out on a smaller label, Sevared Records.

Aside from a label change the line-up changed as well since 2009’s SOULS OF DAMANTION with long time guitarist Tchort being replaced by Ivan Gujic and drummer Emil Wiksten replacing Anders Haave. Sevared Records did a nice job on the production and presentation of the album, it’s a nice booklet with good cover art. It is hard to determine but I’d argue that the album even takes a little step back into an older school Death Metal style and there is nothing wrong with that! The ten track album runs a compact 41 minutes and finsihes with a decent cover of the Pestilence track, ‘Twisted Truth’.

Everything about BRUTALITARIN REGIME is ...well…brutal! The vocals, the guitar tone, the speed, this is the epitome of classic Death Metal. Not many surprises but the quality is very high. The lyrics are above average, it is not just all gore, I had to look up what ‘Parnassian Cacoepy’ is! It’s actually a very clever song lyrically speaking. I don’t want to over analyze the album, it is just as heavy as can be and can easily stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any of the bigger name brand Death Metal heavyweights.

Looking back at our review archives fro Blood Red Throne, I’m not surprised that every album was ranked very highly, by a number of different reviewers over the years. BRUTALITARIN REGIME is just another fine example of why the band is Norway’s best Death Metal band.
Track Listing

1. Brutalitarian Regime
2. Graveworld
3. Trapped, Terrified, Dead
4. Eternal Decay
5. Games of Humiliation
6. The Burning
7. Proliferated Unto Hemophobia
8. Melena
9. Parnassian Cacoepy
10. Twisted Truth (Pestilence cover)


Vald Vocals
Ivan Gujic Guitar
Død Guitar
Erlend Caspersen Bass
Emil Wiksten Drums



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