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Blood Red Throne
Blood Red Throne
December 2015
Released: 2013, Sevared Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

In early 2016 Blood Red Throne will release their new album, UNION OF FLESH AND MACHINE. In anticipation of this exciting event I decided to go back to review the last couple of BRT albums as well as a few very cool side-projects of founder Daniel Olaisen; Big City, Cobolt 60 and Zerozonic. Enjoy all five album reviews in this mini-feature of the industrious and prolific Daniel Olaisen.

I always find it odd when a band later in their career decides to give their most recent album, the self-titled designation. I understand when a new band self-titles their debut or when a band has a major change in direction or need to make a statement of intent. For example Metallica, Def Leppard are two classic examples. For whatever reason Dod and Blood Red Throne decided celebrate their 15th anniversary and choose to name their seventh studio album simply BLOOD RED THRONE.

The familiar red and while graphic presentation has returned and the cover art features an image of a throne that makes the ‘Game Of Thrones’ throne look like a little girls plastic chair at a kids tea-party. The presentation is a 16-page, full colour, blood-splattered look with full lyrics and liner notes. I suppose the main reason why the band choose to call the album BLOOD RED THRONE is the introduction of two new members. There is a new bassist, Ole Madsen but perhaps more importantly for the overall sound of the band is the introduction of vocalist Yngve Christiansen.

If anything BLOOD RED THRONE is even more streamlined, cuts, 35 minutes and no cover tunes, just straight to the point. Ultra-brutal Death Metal is something the band has always delivered and the new album is no exception. Virtually every song is a four-minute relentless blast of death. Yngve sings in a slightly lower register but that is a subtle distinction. The drumming is also pretty punishing as well. Another point of note is is one of the few times some song lyrics are in Norwegian; the tune Dodens Makt’, which means the Power of Death. Very cool!

I might suggest the band sounds a little more invigorated but all their previous album were of top quality as well. It’s good to hear a band that does not get into the math metal and tech Death like so many new bands that can play but leave behind the brutality and it is good to hear band that doesn’t get all slow and ‘groovy’ trying to reach that al elusive heaviness. BLOOD RED THRONE is a fine example of Death Metal done right.
Track Listing

1. Soulseller
2. In Hell I Roam
3. Hymn of the Asylum
4. Primitive Killing Machine
5. Deatholation
6. Torturewhore
7. Exoneration Manifesto
8. Dødens Makt
9. March of the Undying


Yngve Christiansen Vocals
Daniel Olaisen Guitar
Ivan Gujic Guitar
Ole Madsen Bass
Emil Wiksten Drums



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