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Blood Red Angel
The Language of Hate
November 2001
Released: 2000, Gutter Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Power-metal is a term that is thrown a round a lot. I debate with my colleagues about the validity of the term. Are Freedom Call and Avantasia, power metal? I don’t really think so, they fall in the camp of classic, traditional heavy metal in all it’s glory. Many, many bands, especially from Europe are getting the tag of power-metal, when in reality, they aren’t that heavy.

Blood Red Angel is power Metal! Very few bands do this type of metal, that delivers power, conviction and aggression without falling into the frenetic pacing of thrash. Good power metal is hard to find and I’m glad there are bands still making this kick-ass heavy music.

I stumbled across this treasure in the used record store and I know very little of this band. I laugh at the fool who parted with this! It’s killer! This German 5 piece creates, 12 tracks of pure metal heaven. They thank Grip Inc, Slayer, Sodom, Overkill, Kreator and Death in their liner notes so it gives you an idea where they are coming from.

Musically they remind me of Blackened, Delirious and perhaps Forte and Imagika, all just intensely cool, heavy, underground bands. The vocals have a raw, modern-edge that crush but never descend into the pointless, psuedo-aggressive screaming that plagues so many crappy nu-metal bands. When will those fools learn, mono-tone, screaming doesn’t necessarily equal aggression? Those nu-metal posers could learn a lot from B.R.A.!

The lyrics are all cool, dark topics, (Psycho World, Virus, Parasite, Revenge, Hangman) which suite the music. Songs with a fantasy theme wouldn’t work as well here. The guitars are a nice mix of clean picking and soloing to a more modern, grinding distortion feel that drive along the songs nicely. The songs are short and punchy, the way they should be for power metal, with 10 of the 12 tracks clocking in at under 4 minutes or less. If an aggressive song gets too long it starts to dilute it’s own power in my opinion. The songs aren’t as fast as speed metal or thrash but grind along at an up-tempo pace. Again being too fast and frantic can drop the bottom end out of a power metal song and it looses it’s punch. What more can I say? I love it, I recommend it, you should try to find it.

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