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Blood Mortized
The Demon The Angel The Disease
February 2014
Released: 2013, Chaos Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

As album opener “Bastard” leaps forth from the speakers the first thing that springs to mind is that Blood Mortized are instantly identifiable as Swedish; the ground glass crunch of the guitars and the keen sense of melody. Mattias Parkkila’s vocals, full of bile and spite, are utterly feral, conjuring images of savagery and revenge.

Second track “In The Black Flames Of Desolation” is positively seismic, and chugs along with a melodic intent that recalls fellow Swedes Amon Amarth. This is followed by “My Soul Your Flesh” which showcases the drumming talents of Per Ekegren. His performance on the album as a whole is superb. The album continues with “I Am The Dead”, built around a snaking melodic riff which will live in your head for days.

The album, impressive as it is in the main, is not without it’s disappointments. A couple of tracks feel like filler. “Master Of Pain”, Blooddrenched Stones” and “Noise Terror” all lack imagination and are a touch on the dull side.

“The Demon The Angel The Disease” is redeemed, however, by the quality of the remaining tracks. “Dysphoria Dystopia”, with it’s colossal groove, the powerhouse drumming and ethereal chanting outro of “Blessed Are The Dead”, and the mid paced stomper “Barbarian Lust”. The latter track boasting another canyon-sized groove.

The real highlights of the album are saved for last: the incendiary title track and the stunning spine-tingling melodies of epic closer “I Leave With Hate”. A flawless way to end the album, and a perfect counterpoint to the aural carnage that preceded it.

“The Demon The Angel the Disease” is a venomous statement of intent from Blood Mortized.

What it lacks in originality (it’s overall feel is very familiar) and occasionally inspiration, it more than makes up for with sheer malice.

Review by Owen Thompson
Track Listing

1) Bastard
2) In The Black Flames Of Desolation
3) My Soul Your Flesh
4) I Am The Dead
5) Master Of Pain
6) Dysphoria Dystopia
7) Blessed Are The Dead
8) Blooddrenched Stones
9) Noise Terror
10) Barbarian Lust
11) The Demon The Angel The Disease
12) I Leave With Hate


Mattias Parkkila - Vocals
Anders Biazzi - Guitars
Gustav "Gurra" Myrin - Guitars
Alexander Nord - Bass
Per Ekegren - Drums

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