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Blood Exile vs Sacrilegio
Thrash Clash Volume.3
April 2009
Released: 2008, Stormspell Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Blood Exile from Mexico and Sacrilegio from Puerto Rico, are introduced on a 2-band split disc that Stormspell Records runs under the so-called ´Thrash Clash Volume´ series. THRASH CLASH VOLUME 3 is kind of a little gateway to the South/Central-American thrash metal scene, in which both Blood Exile and Sacrilegio draw attention with their progressive and melodic thrash metal.

First Blood Exile, who come from Chihuahua, Mexico, have a good grip on making their melodic and progressive thrash metal worth checking out for all (thrash) metal fans all over the world, over the grounds and vast seas. Riffs seem to hit the targets easily, all the solo work is topnotch, José is clearly better than your average thrash vocalist who actually tries sing a little bit and does not just spit his words out. However the production leaves something to be hoped for, particularly for the drum sound. Otherwise, Blood Exile´s kinda progressive (power) thrash - with quite a few acoustic guitars sticking out from their song structures, is offered in a quite ready and enjoyable package. I´ll surely keep my ear out for their future stuff. Maybe they´ll blow up the bank for me next time? Time will tell...

3.5 out of 5

Then Sacrilegio from Puerto Rico, that also features some musicians from some other metal bands from the Puerto Rico´s metal scene (Dantesco, Pacto de Sangre, etc.). They sound much like Blood Exile, too: well rehearsed, immensely talented - and most of all, just that kind of metal band that already should be enjoying more mainstream popularity than they obviously are doing these days. Luis Vila is a really powerful and talented vocalist; the kind of vocalist that many thrash bands would be ready to hire willingly for their own bands any time.

Sacrilegio mixes tastefully thrash with bits of heavy and doom metal (do I hear some Candlemass´ ghost haunting behind in "Maldito Amanecer"? I guess, I do) - and they are good at that. I would personally categorize them as a power-thrash band but I guess it´s up to every individual listener again what type of metal band they want to see them. I really happen to like a song titled "Dark Purity" due to a very catchy and powerful chorus part in it. Also, "Lepanto" (perhaps Spanish, but I have no idea what the title means in English?) is a killer song, in which the whole band has definitely put the pedal to the metal. Plus, being a big Candlemass fan that I am, I cannot completely ignore how damn good "Maldito Amanecer" sounds to my well-trained ears of metal. Sacrilegio are another metal band coming from Puerto Rico that has made a somewhat great impression on me lately. If well executed ´power-thrash´ with a slice of doom metal is your cup of sinful tea, then by all means give this band a listen.

3.5 out of 5
Track Listing


01. First Act of Brutality
02. Soldiers of Misfortune
03. Soulburn
04. Cult of Shadows
05. Requiem to Sanity



06. Gods of the Underworld
07. Dark Purity
08. Lepanto
089 Maldito Amanecer



José Carlos Abbud - Vocals and guitar
Raúl Piñón - Guitar and backing vocals
Aaron Olivas - Bass
Julio Máynez - Drums



Luis Vila - Vocals
Daniel Ortiz - Guitar
Jose A. Lara - Lead guitar
Rali Vega - Bass
Jorge Gautier - Drums



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