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Blodig Alvor
Mørkets Frembrudd
March 2013
Released: 2013, Indie Recordings
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

In the Queen’s English it’s ‘Bloody Serious’ but being from Aalesund, Norway, Blodig Alvor are sticking with what they know. Ok, so they’re the latest Norwegian-language rock lot to jam their foot in the door opened by the likes of Kvelertak, but they’re also one act that you’d happily prop it open for.

What Cancer Bats did to hardcore, Blodig Alvor do to hard rock, taking it by the scruff of the neck and dragging it through the musical stratosphere without even bothering to dust off its hands and knees after. One-and-a-bit minute opener ‘Mørkets Frembrudd’ is a heard-before slow and heavy march, that lends little aside from being the album’s title track, but suddenly Blodig Alvor sparks into life with the immediacy of a struck match on ‘Mr Molotow’. Sounding like the best basement jam, ‘Mr Molotow’s’ punked-up groove is the contagious type which seems to have spread to the rest of the album.

Whilst at its worst point that means most of the tracks follow a similar script of noisy guitars and all-in group choruses, at its best it sees Blodig Alvor as a figurehead for the vibrant simplicity that can be achieved with just a couple of instruments. And with songs such as ‘Svik’ sounding very much like Norway’s answer to UK-darlings Black Spiders, it’s a message that seems to be universally received.

Talking of messages, although all the lyrics are sung in Blodig Alvor’s native tongue and therefore you may not be 100 per cent sure of the words being used, you always feel you know what is being said - que? After all even the spelling of ‘Start En Revolusjon’ translates pretty easily, and the frustration spilling out in the music does so even better. Alongside ‘Blodig Alvor’ and ‘Vår Resignasjon’, it takes on that punk spirit that was once so rife, and in the latter’s case winds it right down to the album’s close.

In whatever language you want to say it, Blodig Alvor’s name is well suited because although the band are clearly enjoying themselves, they’re bloody serious about what they’re doing. And at the risk of sounding oh-so-British the results are bloody good.
Track Listing

1. Mørkets Frembrudd
2. Mr. Molotow
3. Start En Revolusjon
4. Blodig Alvor
5. Svik
6. Ordets Makt
7. Likegyldighetens Sønn
8. Solgt Min Sjel
9. Vår Resignasjon


Markus den Ouden - Guitar/Vocals
Truls Ringstad - Guitar
Erlend B. Andersen - Bass
Rune Marius Flaathe Farstad - Drums

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