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Bang Tango
Ready To Go
February 2005
Released: 2004, Mascot Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Bang Tango is a band that I haven’t followed since when they had their 15 minutes of fame during the 90’s. I knew that they were in the glam/sleaze genre but I was more into Poison and Faster Pussycat at that time. Apparently, the band has awakened and is releasing a new album.

The singer (Joe) and guitar player (Alex) have written most of the material except for two songs where they got prominent help by John Corabi (Union, Ratt, Mötley Crüe, etc). Those two songs are “TELL ME” and “I CAME TO SEE YOU”. Altogether, there are 12 songs featured on “READY TO GO”. Vocalist Joe Leste’s voice sounds really good in this kind of music and together with Alex and Anthony they make a pretty stable section. Bang Tango has also invited Dizzy Read, piano/organ, on “RAINY DAY” and “LOVE THE LIFE”. Joe had some help by someone named Eva Saur and Chara Charnow on back up vocals and Anthony on lead guitar takes care of the solo parts on “READY TO GO”, otherwise he just supports Alex who takes care of all the solo parts trough the album.

The album was recorded at Bill’s Place in North Hollywood CA. Alex did the production but there are 4 songs that were produced by James Book, they are “READY TO GO”; “RAINY DAY”; “THE OTHER SIDE” and “LOVE THE LIFE”. What can be said about the production then? Well I can say this, if the production had been made at the beginning of the 90’s then for it’s time it would be awesome, but today it sounds just dated. Another problem that Bang Tango has is with the quality of the material. All of the songs are extremely weak all through the album. It seems like the band had some difficulties in deciding what genre they’d like to be in. In READY TO GO; “It Ain’t Easy”; “The Other Side”; “She Knows Better” and “Tell Me” the band plays straight glam/sleaze rock’n’roll and it’s how I remember Bang Tango. However, “I Came To See You”, “Roll Me Over”, and “Save Myself For You” sound just like any other shitty rock’n’roll band on the market. The ballad-like songs with Dizzy Read “Rainy Day” and “Love The Life” are totally boring songs and the other ballads “Most Important Thing” and “Carry On” are radio friendly lame stuff too, none of these boring ballads impress me at all.

I am a fan of sleaze/glam rock but this album does absolutely nothing for me. The production sounds 90’s and the material is really weak. They seem to have problems in what genre they would like to be in and there are just too many ballads. The cover makes the band looks like a boy-band, NOT a sleaze/glam band in any way. The only remotely good songs are “Ready To Go”, “It Ain’t Easy”, “The Other Side”, and “Tell Me”…that’s only 4 songs out of 12!! I’m sorry to say that this is the only positive things I have to say about Bang Tango today.
Track Listing

Ready to go
I came to see you
It ain’t easy
Rainy day
The other side
She knows better
Roll me over
Save myself for you
Love the life
Most important thing
Tell me
Carry on


Joe Leste – lead vocals
Alex Grossi – lead guitar
Anthony Focx – guitar, b-vox
Chris “Curtis” Roach – bass
Matt Starr - drums

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