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Blinded By Faith
Under An Occult Sun
May 2003
Released: 2003, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

The province of Quebec in Canada has long been known as a global stronghold of death and to a lesser extent black metal. It is my pride as a Canadian to bring you a little update on a quartet of extreme metal bands from Quebec. They are Ancestral Curse, Blinded By Faith, Divinity and Sombre Nostalgie. These bands are all signed to or distributed by Galy Records in Montreal. Visit their web-site at

BBF have made the jump to Galy and made a number of subtle changes. A bigger budget has given them a better sound, better packaging and overall presentation. I guess the band read my last review and changed their logo ha! ha! The cover art is an Eye of Illuminati representation of mankind being a puppet/slave to guns and money the media and so on.

Other changes include a new drummer and new guitarist. The keyboardist no longer goes by the name of tattoo but is just known as Danny and vocalist Tommy isn’t wearing the monks robes anymore. I design is simple but effective and I like the visual tie in with the blinded/ Eye of Illuminati theme with the digital manipulation of the eyes of each band member in the photos. Nice touch.

BBF still play a quite technical style of Black Metal quite like Cradle but not as self-indulgent. The lyrics and image are a bit more modern, not bothering with weepy gothic romantic trappings. There are lots of keyboards and lots of shrieks and screams and lots of harmony and melody. The tempos are very upbeat and the song structures are catchy and hum able.

I felt it is when the band slowed down a bit, dropped the blast-beats and explored the symphonic flourishes that I was more interested. The riffs and keyboard work in the cut, ‘The world Has Something to Offer’ are so catchy and the song even reminded me every so slightly of something Skyclad or Helloween might do

The band do wear their influences on their sleeves but the execution and delivery is so well done you shouldn’t pass this one by. Fans of Dimmu, Old Man’s Child and these style bands will certainly find something to enjoy with this band. Visit them at
Track Listing

1. Tear The Purple Curtain
2. A Perfect Imperfection
3. Burning Rebellion
4. The World Has Something To Offer
5. Under An Occult Sun
6. Submit To The Summit
7. The Last Missive
8. Reptilian Shudders
9. The Triumph of Treachery





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