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Blinded By Faith
Veiled Hideousness
July 2000
Released: 2000, Crunch
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

I think this month my reviews have run the spectrum of metal. From blues to black with power and rap in between. Well Blinded By Faith are the black in my reviews this month. Blinded by Faith hail from Quebec, Canada and play "symphonic black metal" The band was started in 1996 under the name Cryptic Spell and played death metal. After a few member changes they changed their name to Blinded By Faith and changed to more melodic and atmospheric black metal. In December of 1999 the band entered Tuxedo Studio to record their debut CD "Veiled Hideousness".

The CD consists of 7 songs and clocks in at just over 31 minutes. The music kicks off with the intro "Somber Harbinger" a nice little orchestrated piece which continues on into "Behind The Placid Mask of the Starlit Cosmos". This is an interesting song as Blinded By Faith show that they have loads of melody and a fine grasp of song structure. "Veiled Hideousness" kicks off with a sound more akin to Theater of Tragedy than Cradle of Filth. A church organ ushers in the track "My Burnt Wings". The song however soon takes off and develops into a great mid tempo thrasher. The CD closes out with the depressing outro "Melania". Overall a great disc.

I was greatly impressed by Blinded By Faith. For a first recording they certainly have their act together. The production is great and vocalist Tom certainly has the black metal screech down pat. The thing that impressed me most about the songs were the melody. I found myself listening to each song intently to see what they would do next. If rumours are correct Blinded By Faith are on the verge of being signed to a major label and as such should be able to get their music out to a wider audience.
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