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Blessed Curse
Blessed Curse
June 2012
Released: 2012, M-Theory
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Blessed Curse is a new band, but not a new band. This California Power Trio were formerly known as Devastator. They churned out three independent EP’s in the last ten years or so and now their hard work in the trenches is paying off. The band has reintroduced itself as Blessed Curse and put out this dozen-track album as a strong statement.

The self-titled debut is a really nice package, beginning with a very striking and eye-catching cover. I’ve seen lots of ‘werewolf’ album covers before but this is one of the best. The package is good, liner notes, lyrics and so on and it folds out into a poster. The US edition comes with a bonus track, a Black Sabbath cover tune, and no, it’s not ‘Paranoid’, ‘Iron Man’ or ‘War Pigs’. The production on the tracks are very decent, nice and loud and in your face.

There is something very appealing about a Power Trio…from Anvil to Motorhead, from Raven to Tank, from Venom to Immortal, the Power Trio vibe to me, just seems tighter, faster, meaner and nastier. More noise, with fewer dudes. Blessed Curse fall into this category nicely. BLESSED CURSE (the album) is pretty damn relentless. Often a power trio will keep the songs a bit shorter but Blessed Curse deliver a lot of intensity with longer songs. Half the songs reach the six-minute mark. The only break is the instrumental acoustic piece ‘Carpathian Mist’ which gives your ears a bit of a break halfway through the album. The rest of it is full-tilt, classic Metal. It borders on thrash at times, loose, raw and sloppy, alcohol-fueled and ready to rage.

If you are an old Devastator fan you might be disappointed in the fact that many of the songs on this album have appeared on their EP’s already, but you’ll be happy that the lads have taken it to the next level. There will always be a place in all of our hearts for this denim and leather, chains n’ spikes, hard drinking, man’s Metal. No apologies, no prisoners just a dozen cuts of the blessed curse of Metal.
Track Listing

1. Bleeding Cross
2. Hellraisers
3. Demon Dance
4. Slaughtered Like Pigs
5. March of the Wicked
6. Carpathian Mist
7. Rise of the Undead
8. Feasting Witch
9. The Devil's Mark
10. Something Evil
11. Eternal Hate / Blessed Curse
12. Burn the Beast


Tyler Satterlee Vocals, Guitar
Patrick Hamby Bass
Derek Bean Drums

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