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Bleed The Sky
Paradigm In Entropy
July 2005
Released: 2005, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Bleed The Sky?!?! More like bleed the ears as this nu-metal mess called PARADIGM IN ENTROPY arrives about five years too late for its own good and is pure torture to sit through. Pretentious title aside, the tired Mudvayne/Drowning Pool/Chimaira feel of these tracks could be forgiven if this album sat on the shelf since 1999 and was just seeing a release in 2005 but sadly, this is not so. The now too-trendy metalcore genre was a step forward in metal…two years ago. PARADIGM IN ENTROPY is a step back in so many regards and not in that “retro cool” sort of way, either. The piss-and-vinegar vocals of Noah Robinson in the verses pave the way for a clean, melodic sound in the chorus (how original!!) and while Robinson is able to stand shoulder to shoulder with his peers, this stuff just sounds so “over.” Catchy, yes, but in terms of marketing, this band seems like more of a fit at Roadrunner than Nuclear Blast. The Korn-like braids sported by half the band and the aforementioned formulaic songwriting have MTV and Revolver magazine written all over them.

At first taste, lead-off track “Minion” isn’t half bad but the repetitiveness of the songs quickly becomes gratingly obvious. “Killtank” (apparently the song that broke the band) is a none-too-subtle nod to the agro-melodic warblings of Mudvayne but without the stellar bass lines. “Skin Un Skin” is positively dreadful and had me going into post-traumatic stress due to flashbacks to the most insipid scourge of nu-metal, Coal Chamber. Even worse than that is the Mudvayne-inspired whisper-to-scream vocals and Linkin Park raps (yes, raps!) on “The Martyr.” It is more awful that it sounds and with lyrics like “There is no God” shouted at maximum level, just who is this supposed to shock these days? The attempted ambience of “Gated” falls flat which pretty much sums up this entire record.

If Bleed The Sky make any headway with PARADIGM IN ENTROPY, the world as we know it must surely be coming to an end as time must have folded in on itself. Instead of making another record, Bleed The Sky should focus their energy on building a time machine to go back to late 1999 since they could have been a serous heavyweight in their chosen genre. They have a person named Puck in charge of "Samples/Sequencing" for God's sake!! Unfortunately, PARADIGM IN ENTROPY is all that we are left with and damn them for picking at the nearly healed over scab of nu-metal and reminding society just how bad it actually was.

Track Listing

1. Minion
2. Killtank
3. Paradigm In Entropy
4. Skin Un Skin
5. Leverage
6. The Martyr
7. Gated
8. God In The Frame
9. Division
10. Borrelia Mass


Noah Robinson—Vocals
Kyle Moorman—Guitar
Wayne Miller—Guitar
Casey Kulek—Bass
Austin D’Amond—Drums

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