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Blazon Stone
No Sign Of Glory
December 2015
Released: 2015, StormSpell Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

With a name like Blazon Stone, you can instantly imagine what a band’s influences are and what their music will sound like. I won’t beat around the bush here; the answer is Running Wild on both counts. Our esteemed JP gave Blazon Stone’s debut album, RETURN TO PORT ROYAL a glowing review (4.5/5). I sadly missed out on hearing that album (at the time) but when I heard that the band had released a second album, I instantly searched it out.

After easing us into the album with the “Declaration of War” intro, Blazon Stone proceed to take off at a blistering pace with “Fire the Cannons”; quite nearly the perfect German power/speed metal song. It’s exactly what you’d expect to hear out of late-‘80s Running Wild and it’s damn near my favorite heavy metal song of 2015. The song also introduces us to new vocalist Georgy Peichev, who’s gruff but clear vocals perfectly match the music. From there the album just moves from strength to strength, barely taking a breath after one song ends before plunging headfirst into another breakneck anthem.

It may be slightly derivative, but you cannot fault anything in the music or performances. Every single song is filled to the brim with marauding riffs, propelled by thunderous (programmed) drums, and topped by catchy choruses that will stick in your head long after the album ends; all captured by a perfectly rough & tumble production.

Blazon Stone makes no effort to hide their influence and that’s OK as long as they continue to make music as incredible as this.
Track Listing

1. Declaration of War
2. Fire the Cannons
3. A Traitor Among Us
4. No Return from Hell
5. Bloody Gold
6. Fight of Be Dead
7. Beasts of War
8. Stranded and Exiled
9. No Sign of Glory


Georgy Peichev: Vocals
Cederick Forsberg : Guitar, Bass, Programming



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