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Blaze of Perdition
Near Death Revelations
July 2015
Released: 2015, Agonia Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

When a drone fan thinks an album is too long, there really is cause to wonder if the band has overdone it. Returning after a car crash in Austria in 2013, in which bassist 23 died and two other members were seriously injured, Blaze of Perdition have produced their first lengthy output following the incident; a 55 minute LP. While the length in itself doesn’t strike as an overly long number for an album, the Near Death Revelations does very little to justify why we need that much sonic abuse.

The album has obviously seen a lot of work put into it. From the shiny production to the captivating album cover, this is a lot more than a handful of songs thrown at a microphone, the word kvlt scratched on top and a few inflammatory tag lines to help it sell. The problem with it is that it really progresses very little. One song pummels you with blasting beats, ominous riffs and furiously aggressive vocals – which is fine, right up to the point you realise that almost every song is following the same formula. Some brief interludes provide a little relief with some interesting additions and embellishments to the sound, but everything is hemmed in by the infuriatingly claustrophobic dull blasting drum sound. That’s not to say there aren’t great moments to be found. “Of No Light’s” brings in an almost post-metal feel for sections that sits in perfect contrast or “When Mirrors Shatter’s” awkward stumbling riff is as compelling as it is unsettling.

What Blaze of Perdition have tried to create with Near Death Revelations. And it has to be said that keeping the band alive and playing after the crash shows their dedication and love of playing, which you can only respect. Respect however doesn’t make an album great and while they may have succeeded both technically and stylistically to create something that could have been an interesting exploration into progressive black metal really fails to come alive and captivate attention. Those looking for blast until your ears bleed black metal might find some enjoyment in this album, but for anyone looking for a powerful advancement on The Hierophant, this may not exactly be what you were hoping for.

Review by Caitlin Smith
Track Listing

1 Królestwo Niczyje
2 Into the Void Again
3 When Mirrors Shatter
4 Dreams Shall Flesh
5 Cold Morning Fears
6 The Tunnel
7 Of No Light


Revenger - Bass, Guitars (acoustic)
XCIII - Guitars
S. - Vocals
Vizun - Drums

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