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Blatant Crap Taste
April 2000
Released: 1999, Spoth Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Now this CD not for the faint-hearted! This is some of the most screwed up grind I’ve ever heard! Blatant Crap Taste is a one-man project. This one man is none other than Lethargy guitarist/vocalist Erik Burke! If you read my review of Lethargy’s CD last month, you know why I have this CD. I am not a grind-head, but Erik has some great talent, and I had to explore this project.

Blatant Crap Taste (what a name, aye!?) packs in 39 songs in 30 minutes, almost all of which tend to be a barrage of intense drumming and sickening guitars, with distorted death vocals. Erik performs everything on the album. It is quite amazing he was able to put this together too. I mean, there is not much one can do in a song that is under a minute in length, or even as short as twelve seconds. But the fact that this material is so fast and contains split-second time changes, I find it mind-boggling that one guy did this and made it all fit together in the end. Most of the material is fast, and sometimes fueled by blast beats. This, together with somewhat rough production and harsh vocal effects, makes the songs sound like a blur. The drumming is as hyper as Lethargy’s material, and the guitar playing is pretty fucked. Where does Erik come up with those…I don’t even know if you can call them riffs! Just plain insane! I can distinctly hear two guitars plus bass, which along with the insane structures, makes this CD sound like a band effort. The lyrics are also pretty lame, however I mean this in a good way, as they are quite humorous. It is just too bad you cannot understand what he sings most of the time. And practically every song begins with a hilarious sampled intro. Some are taken from movies like the classic Clerks and the shitty Mall Rats, and others from who-knows-where. The best ones are the kids that swear. Even though this CD sounded like one big noise festival to me at first, repeated listens allowed the songs to catch on, and for the most part I can distinguish what is going on in the songs now. I only wish the songs were longer, as a good portion of this material is so crazy, quirky, and just plain awesome!

If you love grind, technical metal, or just insane music, you must hear this band! Visit the Spoth Records web site for information on this band and some other severely demented nutcases:
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