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November 2009
Released: 2009, Self-released
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Blast + anus = Blastanus. Clever? Yes, sure… (*rolls eyes*)

These four Finnish grind terrorists in Blastanus are fucking extreme, at least as far as their take on technical death-grind is concerned. The guys swim in the same storming and killing waters musically as Dillinger Escape Plan, Origin, Hate Eternal, Cephalic Carnage and Rotten Sound, i.e., if you like - or love the style those aforementioned bands represent, then I guess here´s a pretty good run for your money. Yeah, Rotten Sound is great – so is Hate Eternal´s first album in my opinion, but then the rest… uh, just meh! Not for me. I neither like nor love any of the rest of these listed bands above.

Blastanus blasts out 16 songs in about 35-minutes on their debut album, titled ODD, causing somewhat mixed feelings in my mind whether I should like this stuff or not. As the name of the band already tells loud and clear, there´s lots of typical yet mandatory blast beat stuff involved with the band´s grinding death(/black) metal stuff, which is at least partly executed pretty well. But then again, some of that stuff is just straight from a stinking, ripped anus – just like the name of this group suggests loud and clear once again. What I find good about the album, the songs show actually a lot of variation, even genre-wise I think. They can even do their black metal stuff relatively well. Just check out a song called “Incarnation” that is almost a pure primitive black metal effort from them; a crazily grinding and hysterically maniac piece of work all in all (´grinding black metal´?). Also, a technical instrumentation aspect of the band proves that these fellows can truly play and shred in a somewhat impressive way. But what I found sort of a problem to me anyway when spinning through the album, probably there´s just teeny-weeny too much information in their songs for my personal likings? Fuck, I don´t know.

Get this album only if you a serious fan of technical grindgore-orientated death metal. If not, then it may only cause a severe headache and a good bunch of pimples around your face. It´s your call now really…
Track Listing

01. Greed
02. Lies That Bind
03. Nihility Neighbourhood
04. Rathunting
05. Scam
06. Drumstick Made Eyehole
07. In Distress
08. Burn, Bitch
09. Odd Times
10. Hese
11. Punk Bitch Part One
12. Punk Bitch Part Two
13. Overgrow the Government
14. Calyptron
15. Incarnation
16. King of Encrustations


Gary - Vocals
Antti Oksanen - Guitar
Mikko Hellström - Bass
Henri Fredriksson - Drums

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