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December 2005
Released: 2005, Lion Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

Bjorn Lodin is back with his gravel throat and a new Baltimoore CD in tow. This time Lodin has stripped Baltimoore down to the bare bones so that he could deliver a good old fashioned hard rock record. He has done that and more. There aren’t even any keyboards to be found here on this disc, just driving guitar driven hard rock. Lodin’s voice is the key that holds the whole puzzle together but to make FANATICAL reality Björn joined with guitarist Mankan Sedenberg and drummer Hempo Hildén and to round out the group he brought in Weine Johansson, bass and Stefan Bergström on lead guitar. Unfortunately the latter 2 could only commit to the recording sessions and nothing more because of other commitments.

FANATICAL is the end result of their collaboration. 10 tracks of in your face hard rock. The title track opens up the disc and delivers exactly what Lodin promised, straight ahead pedal to the metal, fist pumping hard rock. The guitar tone is crisp and reminds me of latter day AC/DC. The similarities do not stop there. I can imagine Lodin on stage with Angus and the Boys circa 1979 belting out “Highway to Hell”. The power and life in the songs is what hits me. Some of today’s music seems so sterile in comparison to years past but Baltimoore have infused the swagger and energy that should be found on any hard rock disc. Tracks like “Give Me What You Got”, “Are You Coming or Not” and “Kiss Me” are blues drenched rockers that are the perfect platform for Lodin’s throaty snarl. The disc is closed out with the swagger of “On the Inside” which is a definite contender for best song on the disc.

Baltimoore is one of those bands that we should all thank our lucky stars is still out there putting out CDs. Hard Rock is having a bit of a resurgence with labels like Lion and Frontiers leading the way. Unfortunately, many of those releases are missing the aforementioned heart that was heard in years past. Bjorn Lodin being no stranger to the music scene has found a way to get his heart and soul onto plastic and not lose it in the recording process as happens with so many bands these days. If good old fashioned blues influenced hard rock is what you crave, look no further on your map than Baltimoore.
Track Listing

01. Fanatical
02. My Number 1
03. Outer Me
04. Give Me What You've Got
05. A Set Sight Of Dreams
06. Wished & Reality
07. Kiss Me
08. You Touch Me And I'm Healing
09. Are You Coming Or Not
10. On The Inside


Bjorn Lodin - Vocals
Mankan Sedenberg - Guitar
Stefan Bergstrom - Guitar
Weine Johansson - Bass
Hempo Hilden - Drums

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