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Blake's Vengeance
January 2017
Released: 2016, Defense Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

This is a Milanese outfit that has been going in its current format since 2013. This is their first four-track, although it is its second release, this time by Defense records. Milan is sometimes known as the 'City of Style', and I think this is a suitably stylish band to live up to that reputation.

First of all, I think it's very clear that these guys are influenced by Iron Maiden. They're not a Maiden facsimile - they've got enough of their own personality - but even down the riffs, tonality, etc, a lot of it has been carved in that geist. This is especially clear on the second track, 'Ronin', but you hear snippets of it throughout.

Vocally, there's a bit of a Luca Turilli thing going on, I think. The guy really can sing, with well considered falsetto thrown in for good measure, although all of them are talented, slick musicians. There's some intricate counterpoint harmonies, impressive rhythmical variations... in fact, for a four track release it's impressive that they managed to squeeze quite so much on it. The third track 'Blind To The World' could well be my favourite. It starts like a slow ballad, and quickly builds showcasing various different playing styles , which I respect, but above all it is catchy as hell.

I like every track. I think most metal fans will, actually. That's not to say they are commercial, they're just very good. My only criticism would be one of taste. These guys live up to the Italian stereotype of being very slick, and everything about this really is slick. Maybe too slick? It's beautifully produced, played, everything, it's almost got a laminate sheen to it. I like my metal like I (used to) like my steak - a bit more raw. Either way, this is an impressive first release from a talented young group that deserve to, and probably will, go far.
Track Listing

01. We Sleep
02. Ronin
03. Blind to the World
04. The Machine


Davide Antico - Guitar, Vocals
Paolo (Paulus) Cetani - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Vittorio Guida - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Paolo (Zippo) Carrescia - Drums

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