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Balls Deep
And on the Eighth Day
March 2016
Released: 2016, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Balls Deep are nothing to do with porn, but they are a brutally heavy metal band from the Stoke-on-Trent area of the UK. They have been working hard building up a massive tour over the next six months and will be playing most areas of the UK. This dedication to the music and hard work is to be applauded especially as it shows the confidence they have in their new album.

On the Eighth Day is 9 tracks of Far Beyond Driven style music with the fat taken out. Forget long intros, extended solos, samples and keyboards. Like an old school video game, there is no cut scene intro and long winded story. You just press play and start killing. The production is LOUD with the vocals mixed right up front, sometimes at the expense of the other instruments such as the bass, except for third track Spit with it's Exploited style intro before an elongated scream.

Pantera influences appear throughout the album, especially on fourth track A Life Less Overrated with it's Cowboys From Hell style riff, although like many bands nowadays you hear numerous other metal and Hardcore influences. Thinking about their live shows I can imagine this is where the band really shine. Band members sweating under hot lights and giving it their all for the cause. Combat trousers cut into shorts, drummer playing topless covered in sweat.

The last track is a nice surprise as it is the Planet Caravan of the album. A lovely chilled out tune with seagulls in the background. Acoustic guitars strumming as if strolling on the beach contemplating life the universe and everything. This song is totally different from the other 8 songs and is worth buying the album for just for this one track.

I am impressed how many bands are producing quality releases such as this and it is almost a crime these bands are not going to be the new arena bands. Maybe people should give up waiting for the new Metallica album and give bands such as Balls Deep a go. You won't be disappointed.
Track Listing

1) Burn
2) And On the Eighth Day
3) Spit
4) A Life Less Overrated
5) Follow
6) Way Misguided
7) Surrender
8) The Last Drop
9) Wake


Rich 'Bez' Beresford - Vocals
Paul 'Hinge' Priestley - Guitar
Will Harris - Bass
Rob Broad - Drums

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