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Black Tears
September 2015
Released: 2015, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

First up today is a project called Black Tears and their EP “Forgotten” Included in the band’s Bio was an explanation of the project from the founding and sole member, Trevor Eulau. Let’s hear from the man himself:

“In the search of a darker form of expression, Trevor Eulau started the project Black Tears to convey a deep feeling of melancholy and longing into melodic black metal. In May of 2015, the first EP "Forgotten" was released. Ranging from slow, depressive doom metal to cascading tremolo picking and blast beats, "Forgotten" is a sorrowful journey into the soul. With future plans to create a longer, more cinematic listening experience, and possibly pull together live members, the future of Black Tears is full of possibilities.”

As I play this EP I can say with some confidence that Mr. Eulau has hit his mark of a “melancholy” work. But does it reach the “sorrowful journey into the soul” as it was intended? The opening track, “Forgotten”, is easily the standout on the EP. It has a very nice mix of darkness and melody that reminds me something of Dimmu Borgir’s “For All Tid” album. I quite enjoyed this one. Moving into track 2, “Remnants of This Sorrow”, I hear another example of Black Metal that has less of a hook than the opener but it still stands firmly on its ground as a solid track. There is a very nice guitar solo from the middle of the track on outward. Track 3, “Longing…” picks up with the lonely guitar work and a spoken piece to accompany the music. There’s not much added to the mix with “Longing…” and there’s not much going on to elicit comment either. It feels like a bridge to the fourth and final track, “The Abyss of Life”. “Abyss” is one of the more dynamic tracks on the EP with many musical changes throughout the song. It contains the Black Metal vocals that any self-respecting fan would look for. In fact, this track drips melodic Black Metal.

So as this EP quickly wrapped up, was it successful in its mission? Melancholy and depressive? Check. Ranges of music? Check. A journey into the soul? Well, I think that’s all that is missing at this point. I think these tracks are 4 fine examples of Black Metal songs but I don’t feel that they connected into a journey as much as intended. That’s ok for this introductory piece but if, moving forward, Trevor Eulau intends to create a long, more cinematic listening experience, there’s a little bit of connecting the pieces that needs to happen. Again, I enjoyed each track enough with “Forgotten” being the standout. Together as a unit, though, I didn’t quite connect enough on that level. But I will agree 100% with Black Tears’s mastermind Eulau when he states in the Bio that “the future of Black Tears is full of possibilities”. It is and I wish him all the best in making that happen.

Reviewer: Chris Marsh
Track Listing

1. Forgotten
2. Remnants of this Sorrow
3. Longing...
4. The Abyss of Life


Trevor Eulau

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