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Black Spiral
March 1999
Released: 1998, Broken Image Ent.
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

An angry wall of buzz saw guitar greets me as the brutality of what is "Black Spiral" emanates from my speakers. The overall sound of this recording is of demo quality. While listenable, it does sound raw. Considering that this 9-song CD was recorded in one day you have to be impressed! Song-wise these guys offer up pretty much the standard dose of death influenced thrash metal, USA (Texas) style. This means you can expect great drumming, interesting riffs and raspy death metal vocals. For me the high points on the CD are "Feral" and the last song on the CD called "Twilight" which really stands out from the other songs as it is more melodic musically and vocally. The only area this CD is lacking in is in the lead guitar department. Black Spiral are after all a 3-piece band, so adding a 4th member who can play at least some lead would really bring this band to a new level! In terms of influences I hear such bands as older Slayer, Celtic Frost (for the feel on the guitar tones) and heavy Pantera. While not the most original thing I've heard, this is worth checking out for fans of the aforementioned bands...and after all with cool cover art like that it can't be all that bad! :-)
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