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Metal Resistance
May 2016
Released: 2016, Toy's Factory
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

There is no rhyme or reason, sometimes it is pure luck and timing when a person discovers a band. Sometimes a person can be years ‘behind’ (for lack of a better term) or sometimes a person can be an early adapter and learn of a new project just as the band is breaking out. I happen to be, for whatever reason, someone who latched onto Baby Metal very early in their career cycle and well before their current, wide-spread popularity. That doesn’t matter but it has been fun to watch people discover the band as BabyMetal grew from quirky project to global phenomena.

The bands second album, METAL RESISTANCE is now out with a weak title and another dull album cover and poorly translated song titles. On the positive side, the band is naturally sonically superb in every respect. This album sounds stellar. In case you are not too familiar with the band it is a Japanese band with three female singers and some lesser known but respected dues as the back-up band. The ‘gimmick’ is the combination of J-pop sung in a quintessential cutesy female voice over fairly crushing Metal with big keyboards as well.

The band jump from style to style and feels even less cohesive than the last album. If anything it is also slightly less heavy and a bit more keyboard driven. My favourite tracks are the faster ones, like the lead off-track with guest appearances by Herman Li and Sam of Dragonforce and the pure Euro-Speed Metal stylings of ‘Amore’. Elsewhere the band are doing their best In Flames and Soilwork impressions. There were probably a couple dozen collaborators on this album leading to it’s slightly schizophrenic nature. There is even a sappy/excellent piano ballad called 'No Rain, No Rainbow', which would make Sonata Arctica proud.

I didn’t enjoy METAL RESISTANCE quite as much as the debut. Maybe the novelty has worn off, maybe it doesn’t sound as fresh or maybe it doesn’t seem quite as quirky and fun and the debut. It’s still very entertaining and a few songs I like even more than others from the debut but overall, the impact on me was not quite the same. BabyMetal are still very fun, and really enjoyable and if you are tolerant of this fun and unique band (many are not) then give it a listen.
Track Listing

1. Road Of Resistance
2. Karate
3. Awadama Fever
4. Yava
5. Amore
6. Meta Taro
7. From Dusk Til Dawn
8. GJ!
9. Sis Anger
10. No Rain, No Rainbow
11. Tales Of The Destinies
12. The One (English version)


Su-metal – Vocals
Yuimetal – Vocals
Moametal – Vocals
Leda-Guitar, Bass



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